Day 2: Alterations to make a good deal work.

September 5th of 2013
Day 2: Alterations to make a good deal work. 
Growing up in a family of 4 kids money was tight on a non profit directors paycheck. I have so much admiration and respect for my parents and the sacrifices they made to make sure that all of our needs were met.  Somedays as a little girl I was ungrateful for the hand-me-downs that I felt were “out of style”. As an adult I see that what my parents were trying to do was to provide for me and my siblings, that is an incredible blessing.  
From day 1 my mom taught us to be smart with the money the Lord provided us with.  We went to thrift shops to sell our clothes and to buy new ones.  This was before is was a perfected art form and was called wearing and shopping vintage.  My mom also was extremely creative and could see the end result of a piece of clothing.  These skills have been my secret weapon for years! The local newspaper had a feature on my mom and I thrift shopping, I was embarrassed then but now I am proud. 
I stil go thrift shopping but in my area they tend to be picked over.  I now weed through the clearance racks and see if there are any projects waiting for me.  The shirt I am wearing above was one of those projects! 
I went into K-mart the other day in search of a filing item and was bombarded by the extra 50% off racks at the entrance.  Always looking for a new challenge I zeroed in on my target.  Amongst the triple extra larges and extra smalls I found this adorable shirt by Sofia Vergara.  It was a large but as my mom taught me I saw the end result.  I took it home and put a pleat in on each side to give it more shape.  I am wearing strapless tank under it and tadaaaaa, I have a beautiful blouse!  A much needed blouse, I might add, to wear in the heat we have been experiencing in SoCal. 

Outfit of the Day:

Blouse: K-mart $5.15
Strapless Black Tanktop: Pacsun $3.00
Shorts: Walmart $9.00
Headband: Claire’s $1.00
Turquoise Bracelet: Marine Corps Exchange $.99



Photos courtesy of Jordyn Carroll. 


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