Sparkly Shiny Blessings.

February 19th of 2014.
Sparkly Shiny Blessings.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I love a big and bold statement necklace.  The way they can complete an outfit astounds me.  Each one creates an entirely different look for an outfit.  The possibilities are endless.  
As of late I have been loving more neutral statement necklaces.  Pearls, Gold, Diamonds: these have all been details of my favorites.  Today I decided I would capture a few of my favorite looks I have put together with 4 of my favorite necklaces.  
Two weeks ago, I was having a no good very bad Tuesday.  I was really sick, tired from my travels the day before, stressed because of homework, anxious over school class scheduling problems, and many other things.  My friend Patricia walks in our photoshop class and gave me the Diamond Tribal necklace.  This act of kindness cheered me up so much.  I was able to get through our night class with a smile on my face.  
Some of my favorite places to find my Jewelry:
  • Groop Dealz online
  • Macy’s Clearance
  • Target (Do I need to mention this one?!)
  • Urban Peach online
  • JC Penny
  • Forever 21
  • Ebay
  • Amazon


Tip: Don’t be afraid to wear more then one necklace.  Try them on and see what you like!

Diamond Tribal necklace given to
 me from my sweet friend Patricia. 
Layered with my Large Pearl Necklace. 



Layered with my Large Pearl necklace 
and Rectangle Crystal Necklace.


Pearl Cluster Necklace.


Layered with Rectangle Crystal Necklace. 


Carnations and Hydrangeas in my Grey Chevron 
pale from Target. These were given to
 me from my dear friend Ashley 
at her baby shower.  


Outfit of the Day:
Rectangle Crystal Necklace: from Macy’s $5.99
Large Pearls: from Macy’s but gift from my sister.
Pearl Cluster Necklace: from Instagram account 
@memoirofapreppymomscloset for $15.99 
Diamond Tribal Necklace: from my friend Patricia. 

Photos courtesy of Nicholle Brainard. 

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