Pieces to Peaces.


August 18th of 2014.
Pieces to Peaces.

A few weeks ago a friend on Instagram tagged me in a comment on Pieces to Peaces picture that said she was looking for fashion bloggers.  I looked into the products and immediately fell in love.  If you knew me when I was growing up you would understand I rarely left the house without a headband.  Sometimes this was due to my mothers influence, however, most of the time it was my fashion statement.  Danielle, the owner of Pieces to Peaces, happens to make beautiful headbands and turbans of all styles! 

I sent her an email stating I would love to be considered. I heard back from Danielle a couple days later.  She wanted me to feature her products on my Instagram and Blog! I am pretty sure I scared Jason with the squeal that escaped my mouth. I am in awe of these opportunities I am able to be blessed by.   

Now that you know the back story, here is the fun part! I have a difficult head to fit headbands on. My glands burst behind my ears when I was 5 due to having the flu and the chicken pox at the same time. Pressure behind my ears leaves me with headaches, a headache always ruins my day because it generally turns into a splitting migraine. When Danielle sent me my headbands I immediately put one on.  I was over joyed they did not put pressure on my head but they still stayed on, win win! 

Danielle also sent me the most adorable and I might add comfortable tank too! It is a gorgeous mint color with a gold sparkly logo for Pieces to Peaces on it. I live in this tank top. It is perfect with a pair of shorts, jeans, or even yoga pants.  The scoops on the front and back of the hem give great coverage for the backside 🙂 (Which is very important in my book to keep it classy).  I will post a photo soon! 

Here is a small selection of the beautiful items Danielle has in her shop.















Photos courtesy of Shannon Thorp of Thorp Photography
Makeup courtesy of Ashley Spafford of All Dolled Up Makeup Artistry

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