Topknots and Pearls Turns One.

September 6th, 2014.
Topknots and Pearls Turns one. 

This year has been full of ups and downs.  September 6th, 2013 I started this blog.  I had big dreams for Topknots and Pearls but I had no idea where it would take me in such a little amount of time. The impact my blog has been on my career has been instrumental in the direction I am headed.  Shortly after starting this blog I began attending the Art Institute of Orange County for Fashion Design. Since I was in high school I was dreaming of attending either the Art Institute of California or FIDM. FIDM was too far away for me to commute to but the Art Institute was doable. 

When I began last September I thought it was going to be smooth sailing.  The commute wasn’t bad, the course work was a lot but it all came easy. Due to unforeseen circumstances though, my schedule was not put together properly and I missed out on prerequisites I needed that were only offered once a year.  I decided to leave the Art Institute and look for another option.  I saw this door closing and had mixed emotions.  The door was shutting on a dream I had and I didn’t know what was going to happen.  I took a break from blogging at this time. I had forgotten why I started to blog in the first place.  


During my break from school and my blog I started to struggle with depression again. I was searching for another route to reach my dream but was lost. I tried to have fulfillment from keeping a home, working out, grocery shopping, etc. My heart was not at peace or content. I knew God had a plan for me, I was waiting for Him to show me.




I ended up accepting a position at Kate Spade New York in May. I loved my job!  I got out of the house, I was able to socialize, my fashion sense was seen as a gift by the customers I helped. It gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I found new direction for my dream through this job that fell into my lap.


Shortly after starting work I attended a meet up with my fellow San Diego Style Bloggers.  This meet up encouraged me to start blogging again.  Not only to start writing again but to put myself out there and take a chance. I have began to be sought out for collaborations and features which is way more then I could have ever imagined for T & P.Jason and I started to talk about the future more and what it would hold for our family. I was realizing that being a designer in this stage of life wasn’t going to work.  I want to be a stay at home mom while our kids are young, in order to be a designer you have to sign up for a lot of commitment outside of the home.  I will be a designer someday, but that stage in my life isn’t now.
My new direction is that I am finishing my Fashion Merchandising degree online while still working at Kate Spade because it brings me joy.  I hope to become a personal stylist and or a personal buyer.  I can do this from home someday when Jason and I have a family.  I am so excited for where this is going to take me!
With this renewed dream I have transformed my office into a studio (photos to come soon).  This is where I will be starting to blog about styling tips, answer questions from my followers, and creating an environment that I can flourish in.

























Clothing Details:

Black Ruffle Tank: Gifted by Rachel Howden
Gold Sequin Skirt: Mindy Mae’s Market $30
Black Suede Stilettos: Target $5
Gold Tinted Studs: Kate Spade $12
Red Lips: Revlon Lip Butter $5

Photos courtesy of Shannon Thorp of Thorp Photography
Makeup courtesy of Ashley Spafford of All Dolled Up Makeup Artistry

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  1. September 21, 2014 / 3:46 am

    Congrats on turning 1!! Love these photos and you look stunning! I glad to see you are happy with where you are at and know that you will make a great designer or personal stylist! 🙂

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