Beauty Tips and Tricks Part 1.



October 27th 2014.


Beauty Tips from Bellus Academy.
Beauty Tips and Tricks Part 1.
I had the opportunity to attend a Beauty Blogger Workshop at Bellus Academy. To be in this workshop was encouraging and inspiring! I am here to share many tips and tricks from the best. Here is a list of my favorite and most useful tips.


The delicious treats!

Hair Styling Tips: 


-Buy the largest round brush and brush towards your face when blow drying.
-Use two pronged clips from hair supply store and clip curled hair to set.
-Use small amount of mousse in dry hair to help with curl and styling.
-When curling hair around your face curl back and away from face.



-Buy a Sonia Kashuk paddle brush from target and use to brush through curls once they are cools to give a natural texture and volume.
-Use the least amount of bobby pins possible to style.
-Use your hands the least amount possible when putting product on hair (spray hair spray on a brush or use bottles to smooth it in).
-Use a working hair spray, this allows you to use it to style and finish your look without product build up.
-To secure pices into an undo or secure a side braid, weave the bobby pun through the end of the hair and then secure into place. 
-We want to look like a Chic Mess not a Hot Mess. 🙂 


Crafting a sleek and polished ponytail: 


-Section into three sections, paddle brush the back section smooth.
-Spray hairspray on brush to smooth away fly always. 
-To secure the pony tail don’t use a regular hair band. Take a small rubber band with two bobby pins on it, secure one bobby pin in and wrap it around and then pin the last one in crossing over the first one. 
These are a few pictures of the updo that Erik Thrane demonstrated for us. I loved the one sided braid. 


Makeup Tips:

-Rip sponges so it doesn’t absorb as much of the product and easier to work with.
-Comb off bristles from brushes with a mascara wand (unused).
-Don’t have to confine to what the labels says, use it on your face and you’re good!
-Go to shows!!! Network and get product to show.
-Blending is the secret to live by with makeup.

We were all entered into a fun game with our chairs. At the end of the workshop they had us reach under where a few of us found coupons!  I was able to experience my very first facial, I loved it so much that I am going back this week.  For those of you ladies that are in San Diego, they have a promotion on their pumpkin facials for $15 through the month of October. 




Outfit of the Day:
Kate Spade New York Strip Bow Top
White Skinny Jeans from Gap $15
Nude Pumps from Macy’s $30
2 Park Avenue Beau Bag in Cipria 


The goody bags we were given were filled with some samples from one of my favorite skin product companies Murad. 


Here is how I used the tips from the day to create a new look for myself! PS the hubby loved it ❤️ YouTube tutorial to follow: Stay Tuned. 
  1. Smooth hair with a paddle brush and do a deep off centered part.
  2. Take the front section and separately into two parts.
  3. Twist one part over another. Then take a small section from behind the twist and add it like a faux french braid.
  4. Continue this around your head creating a crown twist around the base of your head. (Keep the twist close to your head so that it doesn’t bubble when you try and pin it to your head).
  5. Continue the twist all the way to the ends of your hair and secure with a hair tie.
  6. Twist your faux braid up on your head and pin securely in a bun. 







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