May 8th of 2015.

I am sure you have caught on to my love affair with jewelry.  If you haven’t, then you will know now.  I have been trying out Rocksbox the last couple months. Let me just tell you, I am hooked!  I love the ease of mailing the pieces back and forth. It has totally gotten me out of my rut and into new trends! 

I had the opportunity to attend an event hosted by Rocksbox and Dove Dry Spray.  I had a blast being able to physically try on as many pieces of stunning jewelry as I wanted. What girl wouldn’t want to do that?! I also was able to pick out a piece to bring home. I was immediately drawn to the Perry Street Alana Necklace, its so sparkly! My sweet friend Jamie urged me to pick something out that was different then the pieces I already had in my collection.  I ended up picking out the SLATE Skyline Necklace.  I am in love! It has a bohemian twist but it still stays true to my glitzy glam side. 

SLATE Skyline Necklace

If you love jewelry and want to spice up your collection for free you can use the code below!  There is no reason NOT to try it for a month no charge right? 
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Let me know how you enjoy your Rocksbox sets!

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