My Favorite Distressed Jeans.

October 3, 2015








Jeans: Flying Monkey | Tunic: Miss Match | Boots: Miss Match

I have a difficult body type to find jeans that fit well. Trust me, muscular legs aren’t the easiest to fit into today’s styles. I have always had muscular legs, thank you dad. I used to size up a couple sizes just to get them to fit my legs. I have grown to love and appreciate my legs, I have also grown to understand how to shop for jeans for my legs as well. Learn to work with your body type instead of trying to change it or degrading it. We are all made differently, therefore your jeans will fit differently than everyone else and that’s ok. 
When I put these Flying Monkey jeans on from Miss Match Boutique, I knew I needed them. They fit perfectly! They have the perfect amount of distressing on them. I have found for my legs to fit into distressed jeans, the fabric has to be flexible…otherwise those cute little slits become unsightly holes! 
I am loving this look of the Tunic with the distressed denim. It’s the perfect amount of edge and bohemian mixed together. I am also quite the fan of cuffing my jeans with booties. These boots are a little taller than most of my booties, but I loved the look of them cuffed above the taller boot. This is a great look to transition your lighter wash summer jeans into Fall by wearing them with Fall accessories and colors!  

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Jason and I are off to see Hotel Transylvania 2, we are still kids and we love it that way! 

Photos courtesy of Miss Match Boutique. 


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