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January 5, 2016



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I am so sorry on the lack of posts, I came down with the flu last week and have been trying to get better ever since. I finally feel like I am on the mend! Today’s post is all about my fashion inside secrets! I have found myself sharing tips and tricks for getting deodorant off a dress or fixing that pesky zipper on a dress countless times. I thought I would share all the tricks I have learned from being in the fashion industry. They have saved me so many times that I want to help be your hero the next time you get a deodorant stripe on that black shirt (no, people will just have to assume you are wearing deodorant instead of seeing it!).
All the inside tricks I have learned along the way in the world of fashion
Watch the video for a demonstration and detailed steps! 
  1. Deodorant Stripes: Baby wipes will take these marks right off! Wipe it and let it dry.
  2. Makeup Stain: Baby wipes or makeup remover are both easy ways to get a smudge off in a hurry. We have all been there, when you’re in a rush and you get founation on your top!
  3. Rough Zippers: Wax paper, when humidity and moiusture cling to zippers they get stuck. Take wax paper and rub it along the zipper of your apparel or handbag!
  4. Static: Hairspray, spray this on your legs or arms to cut the static.
  5. Stain on Leather: Goo Gone, put some on a rag or papertowel and wipe off the marks on your shoes or leather handbags! A serious game changer, let me tell you. 
  6. White Apparel: Nude Intimates, white or neutral colored clothing should only be worn with nude intimates. Don’t…just don’t wear white under white! 
  7. Emergency Kit: Pinch Provisions Emergency Kit, this has saved me so many times! You have to check their website to see how many things fit in this little bag! 
  8. Sore Feet: Sole Serum (here)!  15% when you sign up for their email! I put this on my feet when wearing heels or walking around all day. You use it like asprin, when your feet start to hurt. 
  9. Shoe Insoles: Dr. Scholls Dreamwalk  This one is great for boots or flats. This one is great for heels. This one is great for adding cushion to the toe of your shoe. I keep the plastic on the bottoms so I can easily change them to my other shoes. #thrifty
  10. Old Shoe Smell: Sole Mates Freshen use code ‘WELLHEELED’ for 20% off right now! This has solved my stinky flat issue…come on ladies, I know I am not the only one. 
If you have any questions about fashion hiccups or accidents, please ask! If I don’t have an answer, I can research it for you. Have a great day friends! 

PS I am demonstrating how these things work in my next youtube video! Check back on Tuesday to see.


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