What to Travel in.

March 3, 2016




















T-Shirt: Nordstrom | Jeans: Nordstrom (so comfy!) | Flats: Topshop (exact dupes here, $25!) | 
Jacket: Forever 21| Weekender: c/o Coralee | Necklace: c/o Coralee | Scarf: c/o Coralee 
Lips: MAC Faux with Snob over top | Hair: Styled by Blow Pop Blow Dry Bar
Do you have the travel bug like I do? I am serious, we go to Palm Springs for the weekend and I get so excited to pack and put together my outfits. My biggest priority when traveling is comfort, let’s be honest. I need a BIG weekender, comfort for the drive or flight, and options options options. I will always travel with a scarf and jacket or cardigan because they are easy to add layers or take off layers. This scarf is just too cute for words! It goes with all my favorite tops to travel in and dresses them up so I feel cute instead of lazy. 
Black is always a go-to for traveling, it can hide a multitude of sins…or spills! Tip: take baby wipes, they wipe off everything from deodorant to spilled coca cola on your pants. Plus, monochromatic outfits are on trend right now. Just add a pop of color with your jacket and your set. I can’t go without jewelry, when I travel I try and keep it minimalist. This monogram necklace goes with everything and is so lightweight I forget I am wearing it!
When I travel I like to have my bags look distinct so I can keep an eye on them. This Sullivan Weekender is perfect, you can customize the monogram font and color to what you want. It comes in black, pink, and turquoise strap accents. Of course I would pick gold thread, it’s my favorite! Yes, it does match my scarf. Yes, I most certainly planned it! Check out Coralee’s facebook page to see how they are styling all their fabulous items.
I hope this gives you the travel bug, but first you need your traveling accessories! 


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