Favorite Designer Dupes

April 2, 2016

Favorite Designer Dupes by Portland fashion blogger Topknot and Pearls

Find all the designer dupes info by clicking here: 1. Shein 2. Nordstrom 3. Shein 
4. Nordstrom 5. Shein 6. Shopbop  

When you have expensive taste with a small budget. I don’t sacrifice my style just because I have a budget. I love the thrill of searching for a designer style I am in love with, in a more inexpensive price range. I will look for designer dupes for trend items or purses that are swoon-worthy but would break my wallet. 

These are three of my favorite designer dupes! You may be wondering (much like my husband), what in the world do I mean by “designer dupes”. I am meaning a duplicate of an item. None of these items will list themselves as designer dupes, you need to know what style you are looking for and search visually! That’s part of the fun. 

Shein is my favorite site to find the trends I want with my budget. I don’t have to splurge on one item. Their shipping is fast and inexpensive! Plus, they are always putting items on sale. Win Win! 

Have fun shopping around for your new favorite designer dupes! Let me know what you find! 


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