5 Essentials for a Fool Proof Shopping Trip.

As a born and raised shopper, I have realized I have a skill set not everyone was taught. There are so many things you can do to help make your shopping trip easier, here are my top 5!


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I did not come by my techniques for shopping on my own, thanks to my mama, I was able to learn from the get go. I have 5 things that I do for every shopping trip and it makes it so much more smooth. Even if you have kiddos or have very little time to shop, these will help.

ONE, coffee. Hello!!! This is always the first step. Whether it’s coffee in a to-go mug from home or you treat yourself to a fun coffee from Starbucks. You need fuel for your trip!

TWO, your phone. Yes, this seems simple but I use my phone for many reasons when shopping. I have a running list of the items I am looking for that I need to fill gaps in my closet or that are old and need replacing. I also use my phone to take photos of items I love and want to remember. Lastly, I use it for looking up coupons for the store.

THREE, know what you are looking for. If you wander aimlessly, you will most likely be buying lots of items you don’t need and be missing the items you truly need. I have a rolling list of items on my notes section on my phone to remind me when I am shopping.

FOUR, know what a good price is. Do your homework before you go shopping to know if what you are looking for will be a good price when you find it. I love to do this, even on the go. Don’t let the sale signs fool you, the prices still might be better somewhere else!

FIVE, don’t buy it if you don’t LOVE it. I’m very serious about this one. If you don’t love it in the store or in the dressing room, you won’t love it when you get home. You will have a closet full of items you sort of like. Not a good scenario.

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