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If I don’t get good sleep, I cannot function. No amount of coffee will allow me to function. Through this dilemma, I have found 8 practices that help me sleep…soundly! 8 practices for better more restful sleep. 8 practices for good sleep. 8 practices for good sleep. 8 practices for better more restful sleep. 8 practices for good sleep.

8 practices for better more restful sleep.

8 practices for good sleep.
I am the queen of no sleep or restless sleep. Anxiety and a creative mind get the best of me. I have a hard time shutting my mind off to be able to fall asleep at a good time. I seriously get my best work done at night, but that’s not feasible for a normal life. I have found eight things that have helped me fall asleep faster as well as sleep better. 
First, I use Melatonin on the nights I am having a hard time turning my mind off. I use 2 mg of THIS product. Trial and error is the key, I cannot take more than 2 mg otherwise, I will not wake up on time. Start with small doses and build from there. 
Second, try and stretch. Thank you to my high school yoga classes, I will stretch before bed if I am having a hard day. This is a combination of downward facing dog pose, child’s pose, cat pose, and cobra pose. 
Third, I try and drink a good amount of water through my day. I try and not down all my water intake at the second half of my day because then I wake up needing to go to the bathroom at night. I drink about 120 oz of water, which is about 5 of my venti cups from Starbucks.
Fourth, I try and put my hair in a scrunchy bun on my head. This is not a tight bun but very loose to not cause a headache. This helps me to relax my shoulders and neck when I am going to sleep. Also, if you have long hair, sleeping with your hubby can be a hazard from him rolling on top of your hair!
Fifth, take a 15 min wind down before you lay down. For me, this is when I do my devotions or put a face mask. It’s the time to start your brain to wind down. PS a great time to take melatonin.
Sixth, set an alarm. If you don’t have something to do the next day or have an early day, still set an alarm. This is going to keep you from sleeping in too much and not having motivation to get out of your bed in the morning. I set 2 alarms about 30 min apart. The first stirs me out of my deep sleep, the second actually gets me out of bed for my coffee. 
Seventh, find your rythm. It takes time and trial and error for different phases in your life. Currently, I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea before I sleep. A year ago, this didn’t help me. Find your rhythm and stick with it. Consistency helps your body relax and recharge. 
Finally, sleep on silk. I am talking about a luxurious pillow case. This is more than to just feel like royalty. Sleeping on silk helps reduce wrinkles, acne, frizz in your hair, and a cleaner smell for your pillow. I am loving my Majesty Silk pillowcase, these are such a great deal! I have tried a couple that don’t compare to these. Plus, can you say no to blush pink?! Jason doesn’t try to steal this pillow from me so that’s a win!

Please try these tips to help you sleep, sleep is important for complete body health!




  1. Jen
    August 27, 2017 / 4:44 pm

    So gorgeous! I love sleeping on silk too <3

    • August 28, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Thanks love!! Silk is the best!

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