The Perfect Pout with Lip Smart | Part One

Winter reeks havoc on my lips every year. I always forget this fact until it starts happening. The cracking and peeling painful cycle. I found something that has actually been helping me! 



LIP SMART c/o all opinions expressed are my own.

As Spring approaches, the Winter leaves it’s damages behind. For example, my dry, cracking, and peeling lips. I am constantly putting chapstick, coconut oil, or gel of some sort to fix them. Finally, I have something that actually FIXED this issue. 

Lip Smart is designed to be insanely hydrating, it penetrates below the surface of your lips to be able to hydrate your lips entirely vs. just the surface as other products do. This is why your lips can appear worse after you put a product on to heal them, it’s not actually hydrating your lip as a whole. 

Another plus, while hydrating deeply into your lips, you get a natural plump. It smooths out the lines in your lips as well. I put Lip Smart on before I start my makeup, almost like a primer for my lips. At the end of my makeup routine, my lips are fully hydrated and smooth creating the perfect canvas for my lipstick.

As you are getting your Spring wardrobe ready, I couldn’t recommend this gingham top enough.

Try getting your lips Spring ready as well with Lip Smart. 


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