Say Bye Bye to Under Eye Bags.

When you don’t get enough sleep or you are dehydrated, it will show underneath your eyes. These bags DON’T have to stay, though. I have a secret for you and it’s not going to bed an hour earlier.



VIIcode Eye Masks

I need sleep, when I don’t get enough sleep it reeks havoc on my skin and my mind. Ever since high school, I have struggled with dark under eyes. This is a result of my lack of sleep, high stress, and major dehydration (ahem, coffee….).

I have tried all the concealers possible, but nothing covers them up completely or helps the hollowness that can happen beneath my eyes from dehydration. I try to find a solution for the skin issues rather than just trying to cover them up. Don’t get me wrong, I still cover them up because alas my skin is anything close to being perfect. Focusing on the issue at hand helps to see actual results.

 On to the miracle product, it’s these VIIcode Eye Masks! These are seriously fool proof. You apply these white gel-lie material underneath your eyes after you have cleansed your face, and then you SLEEP. Anything that can be done while I sleep is a major plus for me, other eye masks are done for much shorter amounts of time which don’t produce the same results as the VIIcode eye masks. After 8 hours, you can peel these off and be left with brighter and fuller looking under eyes. BYE BYE UNDER EYES! A full treatment is accumulative of 3 boxes when applied 2-3 times a week.

I am just finishing my first box and am seeing such a difference in my skin A difference that has my husband Jason asking me what I am doing differently! These eye masks will be a permanent piece of my skin care routine because we all know that we don’t always get a full nights sleep or have a stress free life.

Thank you,  VII Code for sponsoring this post and for taking away the bags under my eyes. Thank you for supporting the brands that make T&P possible!

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