Skin Care Routine | Sensitive and Acne Prone Skin

Everyone’s skin is different. I have found a couple different routines that work for different reasons. I’ll explain it all in depth below! I hope this helps some of you, acne is difficult to live with.




Cleanser: Oil, Purity, Derma E, Brush

Makeup Remover: Micellar Water

Masks: Light Mask, ELF Mask, Charcoal Mask

Toner: Witch hazel, Acne Toner, Acne Gel, Skindinavia

Eye Cream: Aveda

Moisturizers: Clinique 1, Clinique 2, Derma E, Aveda

Hair and Nails: Vitamins

After about 2 years of trying every product known to mankind, I have narrowed down my routine and have been seeing AMAZING results. Long story short: I never had a problem with acne until I was 21. My hormones went into a frenzy during my Eating Disorder Treatment in 2011 and I have been trying to fix that damage since. It’s been a long road but I am happy to say I am seeing results and have more confidence in my skin than ever before!

TAKE OFF MAKEUP: I take my makeup off with Jojoba Oil. This is actually an oil that is the closest to the makeup of your skin. It helps to defend against acne, clarifies your skin, and breaks down the makeup compounds to make sure they all come off your skin! I rub in circular motions and then take it off with a HOT washcloth, almost like a compress. Pressing lightly on my skin to absorb the oil and makeup. It’s seriously a dream like feeling on your skin.

EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: I use a lot of mascara! A lot. I have finally found a product that doesn’t hurt my eyes but takes off ALL my eye makeup. I use the Fructis Garnier Micellar Water on a round cotton pad. It’s the BEST! Any of the types work, I have used them all and none of them have upset my skin.

CLEANSE: This one is a tricky one because I have 3-4 different routines depending on my skin issue that day so bare with me as I break it all down for you.

  • ACNE BREAKOUT: I will use the Derma E Activated Charcoal Face Wash on my Clarisonic brush and exfoliate my skin. This can be used in the shower which I highly recommend! The Clarisonic helps to penetrate below the surface of your skin to help target the bacteria building up that is causing the acne breakout. I do this routinely at least 3 times a week right now. I used to do this every night but it was too much for my sensitive skin.
  • SEVERE CYST: I will use THIS clay mask on the spots I have the cyst breakouts. I get them along my jawline and cheek bones (thanks hormones!). I will literally give myself tiger stripes of masks on these areas and put a moisturizing mask on the other parts of my skin. I LOVE the ELF Bubble Mask! After my masks, I will wash them off with warm water and use my Derma E Activated Charcoal Face Wash on my hands to cleanse my skin.
  • SEVERELY DRY: I will cleanse with THIS oil. Just like when I take my makeup off with the Jojoba Oil, I will do this again to cleanse my skin while adding good moisture to it! I’ve also been using THIS mask for when I am dry.
  • NO BREAKOUTS/MAINTAINING: If I have no problems on my skin, I will use the Philosophy Purity Cleanser on my hands to wash my face. This is a great everyday cleanser because it’s super gentle on your skin. I love the smell as well, natural but not over powering.

LIGHT THERAPY MASK: THIS has been life changing. I am not even kidding. I have before and after pictures of my 30-day process. I have been in tears just seeing the results. This funny thing is the Neutrogena Light Therapy Mask. It’s a mask you wear and click the button on the activator, it lasts for 10 minutes. I will catch up on emails or social media while I let it sit. You don’t need to do it every day unless you have problematic skin like I do. The mask is $34.99 HERE which is the best price I found. It came with the first activator. The activator refills are $14.99 HERE.

THE SCIENCE: The red light helps to reduce inflammation in your skin and the blue light kills the bacteria below the skin surface to stop breakouts before they become problems. I have seen a HUGE difference in my skin texture and my breakouts have diminished by about 75%! This product was NOT sponsored or collaborated on, I purchased it with my own money.

TONE: I use a 100% Witch hazel on a cotton pad. Then I will use the other side and use Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting to help with my acne and texture. The purpose with a toner is to balance the PH level of your skin which is a huge part of a skin care routine. If I don’t have a lot of breakouts, I will only use the Witch hazel or I will use the Skindinavia Post Makeup Spray that is a great PH balancer.

ACNE SERUM: THIS serum has been a huge change for me!! I use it on my acne spots and when I wake up in the morning, they have been reduced in size and color by at least 50%. If I have a massive cluster of breakouts, I will rub it all over that patch. I have had this bottle since October and probably use it more than most people need to. It has lasted so long and is by far the best one out of the minimum 30 I have tested out in my life. I also use THIS serum for the days with less acne breakouts!

EYES: I have been alternating on my eye cream. I realized my late nights and stress level was taking a toll on my eyes. I have been using this AVEDA Wedding Mask one lately when my eyes have been super dry from the Winter Weather. I also use the Perricone MD Cold Plasma, which is a serum weight, when my eyes are not heavily dry but very tired looking.

MOISTURIZE: This is another step that depends on my skins problem that day!

  • ACNE BREAKOUT: I will use a combination of Turnaround CLINIQUE moisturizer and a little bit of Derma E Activated Charcoal Lotion (about 1 pump). I wake up seeing a huge change in my skin.
  • SEVERE CYST: I will use a combination of CLINIQUE Even Better moisturizer (which is intended for daytime but I love it overnight) and a little bit of Derma E Activated Charcoal Lotion (about 2 pumps).
  • DRY SKIN: I have been loving this AVEDA Wedding Mask Overnight cream! PS use a little bit in the morning for a dewy look when doing your makeup.
  • NO BREAKOUTS/MAINTAINING: If I am just maintaining my clear skin, I will use my Turnaround CLINIQUE moisturizer.

I take THESE hair and skin vitamins and love the result from them!

I hope this helps! I am also eliminating dairy out of my diet to help with my acne and overall health. I will keep you updated. If you have ANY questions, please ask away!



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