What to Wear for Baseball Season.

This is an idea for what to wear for your kiddos games, pro games, or just running errands (let’s be honest, this is what I usually wear this look for!).


Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, other than tennis and cross country since I lived and breathed these in high school as an athlete. My brother played baseball from the time he was 4 all the way through College. I LOVE watching these games. The opportunity doesn’t happen as much as I would like now that I am an adult but I love the game no matter what.

The biggest key on what to wear is comfortability. What is more comfortable than converse, jeans, a tee, and a baseball hat? Not much in my book! The goal is to be cute and casual.

THIS top is $30 and worth every penny! It’s easy to dress down like I have it here or dressed up with pants and heels. The distressed denim is perfect for keeping it casual and comfortable. If it’s chilly, you can wear a duster cardigan or windbreaker!

Some people have asked me if I wear my Yankees hat because it’s “cute” and “fashionable”. Many people do choose this hat because of those reasons but I chose it since it’s my husband’s favorite baseball team! My family loves the Seattle Mariner’s but I am now a trader and proud of it.

Are you thinking, I can’t pull off a baseball hat? Bend the bill a little to shape your face, it makes all the difference. Also, the texture is important. This one is SUPER soft and made out of recycled materials. Try different hairstyles with it as well. A messy low ponytail, straight hair, messy bun, curly hair, braids, etc.

“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks…” and sport that cute hat!


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