T-shirt Dress Two Ways.

I LOVE t-shirt dresses but they are sometimes a little short or the weather isn’t quite warm enough to wear them yet. I wear them these two ways in the Spring and think that you may need to try it. 


I love love love t-shirt dresses. They are perfect for the Summer weather but they can sometimes fall a little short on my long legs when it’s not weather appropriate. I love this striped t-shirt dress so much and wanted to wear it this Spring without freezing all of me to the core.  

Solution: tie a knot in it so it looks like a tunic and layer it over jeans! I am fully admitting that I wore it in both these ways in the SAME week. No one knew, except now you do so please don’t make fun of me! I know you have been there too. We all get into ruts. This rut just happens to be a good one.

 Suede Jacket: This option was great for a very windy day when it was sunny out but still chilly. The jacket hits right at my natural waistline so it’s incredibly flattering. Mixing this with the distressed denim creates a more casual look without being overly casual. Of course, you don’t have to wear heels like I am! Wedges, sandals, booties, or flats would work great as well.

Pink Duster: This option is great for the warmer days of Spring. I love the pop of color mixed with the neutral elements. This is great for a casual day running errands, going out to lunch, church, etc. I love that this look makes you look so much taller with lengthening your legs while still making you look slim. 

Try tying up your favorite t-shirt dress!


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