Staycation in Salem, OR | Coffee & Chat

One of the key changes in Jason and mines marriage is that we go away for a night at least once every 3 months. This has been crucial for our growth as a couple and strengthening our relationship. We never did this in SoCal and we felt the effects.


This month we stayed in Salem, OR because our schedule didn’t allow for travel. Staying in our own area made us actually stop and enjoy the city. It’s amazing what happens when you go out of your comfort zone to enjoy the places you never take the time to enjoy.

Weekend Itinerary:

HOTEL: We stayed at The Grand Hotel in downtown Salem. The price is pretty affordable for a hotel in a downtown location. The rooms are spacious and the beds are COMFY! They do have a pool, hot tub, and gym, but we didn’t spend any time here since it was a busy weekend.

DINNER: We had dinner at Bently’s Grill that is located in the Grand. It was AMAZING!!! Not having dairy means that I am having to adjust my taste buds. This dinner didn’t need anything creamy, it is that good! I ate the steak with mushrooms, sauteed veggies, and red potatoes. Jason had a fettuccini alfredo that he loved! When you stay at the Grand, they give you a coupon for Bentley’s Grill so it makes it much more affordable.

BREAKFAST (HOTEL): There is a full breakfast that is provided with your stay! I wasn’t sure what had dairy in it or not so Jason grabbed some fruit first thing in the morning as we got ready. We have eaten here before I couldn’t have dairy, and it was really good!

BREAKFAST: We set out to try places we haven’t had before and went to the Oregon Crepe Cafe and Bakery that sits across the street from the hotel. Let me tell you….GO HERE! They have a full vegan crepe batter that I could have all the way down to a dairy free chocolate sauce and whip cream. This was absolute heaven, Jason even ate it with me and he isn’t too interested in my dairy substitutes. Now that it’s beautiful outside, you can sit outside and not freeze like we did 😉 but we got to eat with cute little ducks walking around our feet so it was ok!

Don’t forget to date your spouse. You won’t regret the time and monetary investment in your relationship. A staycation is a great option for a budget!


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