Curling your hair with a hairdryer | Tutorial

Long lasting full curls, especially in the heat and humidity is really difficult to do. I have a few tricks that help my hair stayed curled for up to 4 days, one of these is a HAIRDRYER!

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I have curled my hair for upwards of 17 years. After I started using a hair dryer while curling my hair, my curls stayed so much longer. It’s the most unique trick I have come across in the beauty world. My favorite hairdryer for this trick is THIS one! 

Here’s how I do it:

ONE: Air dry hair.

This gives it grip and texture that you need for your curls to last. I will wash it and throw it in THIS microfiber towel before bed. As I climb into bed, I take it out of the towel mostly dry and put THIS curl cream in concentrating on the bottom half of my hair.

TWO: Dry shampoo first.

I spray my favorite dry shampoo throughout my hair the next morning. This gives it texture and grip for curling.

THREE: Section off hair into 2 halves.

From the tops of my ears up, I grab this hair and put it into a clip. The other half I tie back into a ponytail.

FOUR: Tease those roots. 

I will add volume to the left, right, and back side of my crown to give it a good lift. I spray each of these teased parts with my hairspray to make it last.

FIVE: Curl top half. 

I let down the top half and split it into 2 sections. Using the 1 inch barrel, I start with the longest layer of hair from underneath and curl that into one section. Then I grab the piece furthest from the front and curl away from my face leaving about 1/2 – 1/4 inch of hair out of the iron clip and leave about 1.5 inches uncurled by my roots. I continue this all the way to the front leaving the last section.

TIP: You can hold the curl freshly out of the curling iron clip for a few seconds to allow your hair to hold the curl better.

SIX: Curl my “bangs”.

My bangs are more or less front pieces of hair rather than bangs. I curl these differently than the other pieces as to not get them too ringlet like. I will leave 2 -2.5 inches uncurled by my roots. This gives it a sweeping motion curl.

TIP: let your curling iron wrap all the way to your roots but then unwrap it leaving the top 2.5 inches out of the curling iron barrel. This will smooth the hair without causing it to be curled.

SEVEN: Unclip and curl bottom half. 

Take the bottom half of your hair out and separate it into 2 sections. I have enough hair to curl this in 2 chunks on either side which gives it a fuller curl look.

EIGHT: Dry shampoo!

Spray a light coating of dry shampoo in the roots of your hair to give texture. I then spray a little on the ends of my curls.

NINE: Give body.

I run my fingers or palms back and forth over the curls to lock in the dry shampoo and make the curls less perfect.


Next, grab your hairdryer and put it on the low COOL setting, it’s technically called the cool shot setting. Run this over the roots of your hair and the body of your hair to LOCK IN those curls. This will be the game changer in your curling routine! My curls last days when I do this!

OPTION: Somedays I will spray the whole style with hairspray for extra hold, typically on days I am going to be super active.

Please let me know how it goes for you curling your hair with your hairdryer!


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  1. I am so happy you shared this! I do the exact same thing after curling and it makes such a difference. It is so nice only having to curl my just once a twice a week! Your curls look great!

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