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If you have followed along for any portion of time, you know I LOVE shopping at Shein. Their website can be difficult to navigate and risks may be involved IF you don’t know how to shop with them. I am spilling my secrets on how to successfully shop

TRENCH (Shein sold out, exact same as above)| WHITE TANK | JEANS | HEELS | HANDBAG

I love finding good pieces on a good deal. Many times, this is a trial and error type of thing. I have been shopping at for years and have had my fair share of great finds and not so great finds. Through the years I have figured out how to shop there and know that what I am buying will work.

The one downfall is their shipping is very slow since it’s overseas, but if you buy it in advance you won’t be sorry. Plus, their shipping is FREE!!!! 

Here are my foolproof steps when shopping

  1. Sizes: Always check the reviews for sizing issues. People are very honest on the reviews and it always helps me, especially if they post a picture of them in it. If all else fails, size up one size!
  2. Color: I keep my eyes open on this one. Online shopping can be deceiving. Don’t have high expectations for the exact color as the photo, most of the time it is but sometimes there is a small variance. Also, I only buy white items if they have been reviewed as being lined or thick material. I have ordered white items and needed to layer underneath to be less see through. I love a full slip dress for this reason!
  3. Fit: I like my items on the loose side so I gravitate to these styles. When I do, I make sure the height of the waistline hits the model where I know I need it. If it hits her higher than I need, I will size up to hit it correctly. Also, be open about tucking things in or front tucking to have the desired fit you want. I have ordered things a size or two up to be able to front tuck.
  4. Length: In dresses, if it hits the model mid thigh, I will size up. If it’s a loose fit and hits her close to her knee, I will order my typical size. For tops, I almost always size up because I don’t like cropped or shorter tops. You can tell in the reviews as well if they are going to be shorter. Almost always with an ONE SIZE, they will be on the shorter side so be prepared for that. They typically work for me and my body type but if you are questionable on the fit of the top with it being one size, I would opt out.
  5. Fabric: It’s typically polyester which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing. It’s easy to maintain, although it sometimes easily wrinkles (i just get over it or use my steamer!). You can see in the reviews what the fabric feels like. If something I order is super stiff, I will add a little fabric softener in my laundry when I first wash it! Also, AIR DRY ONLY!!!!
  6. Alterations: I will sometimes alter an item when it arrives to fit better. For example, if it’s spaghetti straps and it hits too low on my chest, I will tack the straps to the height I need. Also, sometimes dresses become tunics when they arrive due to length. Improvise when you love the pieces.
  7. Priority Dispatching: Look for this next to the item! This means it will ship out WAY faster!! I think it’s because it’s coming from a certain warehouse.
  8. When all else fails, order a size up.

My current favorites from Shein!







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