The Best Chanel Dupes Under $40 |

I love Chanel, always have and always will, but that price tag has and never will fit my budget. I have rounded up my favorite Chanel dupes! Most of them under $20 and some under $40! 

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Chanel handbags. I never knew the price of them until I was in High School. Ever since I have been searching for my favorite dupes. A dupe is a great duplicate of the original version. The taupe handbag I am always carrying by BCBG is a dupe for the Chanel Boy bag! I used to have a dupe for the classic Chanel Quilted handbag but I wore it out.

BIGGEST TIP: The key to is looking for is one with a great quality chain. My first dupe had a very inexpensive chain so that’s what busted on it first.

LEATHER OR NO LEATHER: They don’t have to be leather to be a great dupe. The one I am wearing in these outfits is faux leather but is a GREAT dupe. The Rebecca Minkoff Love handbags are leather and are the all-time best dupes for Chanel. They are around $300 full price. 

STRUCTURE: The bag needs to have some sort of structure otherwise they will start creasing and folding in funky places. This one is SUPER structured so it can sit up by itself. They don’t have to be this structured but have many layers of material to be thicker and not fold or crease.



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