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I know I am not the only one that puts off moments for me. Either by forgetting to make the time or literally feeling like you don’t have time. It’s time to put down the excuses and take a moment for you!

Through my emotional and mental disorder battles (details HERE), I realize how important self-care is. It’s not something you can put off until a better time. That better time may not ever come but the times of stress overload, emotional breaking points, and tension body aches will.

This is something I know for myself but has also been proven in research and in other people’s lives. Taking a moment for yourself allows you to better serve those around you while it invests in you physically to be a healthier version of you. 
How do you make the time?
  • Multitask: I take showers at night to allow me a little more time to relax. This is a great way to add an extra five minutes and exfoliate your arms and legs so that your moisturizer can deeply affect your skin. I LOVE this ONE! It’s the Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurt, smells amazing and is so creamy.

2. Ask for help: Whether you’re a busy mama with kiddos or a busy working woman, asking for help is ok. I find myself being ashamed having to ask for help when I want to do something for me instead. Throw off that guilt and ask, taking 15 min to an hour for you is nothing to be guilty over. You are able to do so much more when you do this!

3. Magazine VS Book: Instead of getting sucked into a long book, read a great article in a magazine. This gives your mind time to chill out without you feeling like you need to be spending your time doing the to-do list.

4. Shower Facial: Don’t have time to go to the spa to have a facial? I use THIS in shower facial (60 Second Facial)after I wash my face to take my “at-home” spa experience a step higher! I then use THIS overnight facial (Overnight Hydrating Facial) that makes my skin glow the next morning.

5. Grab a coffee: When I have to run errands, I grab a coffee to go. Let me tell you, it makes all the difference when having to go grocery shopping! It’s simple and doesn’t add on any extra time.

6. Journal: Writing helps to ease my mind. Whether is writing on my blog or journaling. It helps to write down your thoughts or write down any blessings from your day. I will do this as I let my FACIAL (Overnight Hydrating Facial) soak into my skin before I go to bed. This is probably the BIGGEST self-care tip I have for you.

Theme: That with effective products like the ones from AVEENO®, I can multitask when I invest in myself so that I have more TIME and ENERGY to serve others with!

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