One Loose Dress | Three Ways

Budget friendly means versatility. Thinking outside of the box to style this loose dress three ways! Sharing how I can get away with styling this one multiple ways without repeating myself!

DRESS c/o (on sale!)


I have so much fun challenging myself to style pieces multiple ways without being mundane. These three outfits are so different but all share commonality from the dress. I do this naturally but feel like I have not shared this knowledge with y’all very much. 

Being able to wear one item a multitude of ways is a great way to A) stretch your budget and B) not have a boring wardrobe. Who likes that?!

Outfit One: The unexpected. Layering a dress under a skirt is one of my favorite best-kept secrets! I have a couple basic skirts that I use to layer with body con or t-shirt dresses. This is especially useful when the weather is cooler or if the skirt is on the see through side.

Outfit Two: Define the waist. This dress was on the loose side so I felt like defining my waist was important. I will do this with a belt only if the cut of the dress is both loose and long. Otherwise, you can end up with a tight short dress which isn’t very flattering…on anyone! 

Outfit Three: The Casual. I had to style this casually too! Except for at work and nice date nights, I am a casual dresser. Well, casual in comparison to my work looks 😉 I love wearing dresses with my converse because it immediately takes it to the casual side. One of my favorite trends is tying a top around your waist but I always forget to do it. It can break up a mundane outfit and create shape. Perfect for this loose dress!

I hope this gave you inspiration for your wardrobe! Do you have a piece in mind you can wear multiple ways now?


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