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Ever wish you could go back to when you thought your skin or body was bad and tell yourself, this ain’t nothing yet?! I wish I could go back to high school and tell myself your skin is flawless and keep up with your skin care routine. #regrets

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Going down memory lane to share with your how clear my skin used to be. I used a normal cleanser and lotion but there was a product that was my secret weapon. It took care of any embarrassment my high school self would feel with any problematic spot on my skin. I only wore a thin layer of drug store foundation, look at the clarity in my skin!

Growing up, we had to be budget conscious so I had to find a pimple gel that would not break the budget and help my breakouts. Welcome, Zapzyt. Yes, that’s its name. This product was created for real people that need a real solution. Not only was it affordable but it lasts forever. I could apply it when I washed my face or over my makeup during the day if a stubborn zit crept through.

Fast Forward to college, I forgot about this pimple gel and my skin was terrible! Adult acne breakouts to the max. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I was walking through Walmart, trying to find a product I could afford and help my acne, and I saw my good and faithful.


Zapzyt reached out to me to share with you, my experience with their product. With 100% certainty, I can say that I have loved this line for going on 10+ years.

I have used the Acne Spot Treatment Gel (reduces a zit within 5 hours!) and the Acne Pore Treatment Gel during that time. I use the Spot Treatment Gel on individual zits that pop up and I use the Pore Treatment Gel mixed with my moisturizer when I have breakouts! The Spot treatment pimple gel is great to put in your purse for problematic zits. It’s a great size to fit in your cosmetics case.

Two new products to me from Zapzyt are the Acne Wash and Acne Pore Clearing Scrub. After trying these two products they were a little too harsh for my face but they completely transform my back and chest acne! I keep them in my shower! I use the Pore Clearing Scrub 1-2 times a week and the Acne Wash every day. (you can buy all 4 of these Zapzyt products at wal*mart)

Looking back, I am reminding myself that life can sometimes hand us a chain of events that are most unfortunate. We can choose to be engulfed by them (hello me and dealing with adult acne) or embrace them and do all we can to help (hello products that I forgot about!).

What will you choose?

Do you have any skin care routines you wish you would have stuck with?

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