Best Budget Friendly Curling Wands

The best budget friendly curling wands ALL under $40, most under $2o!


My favorite budget friendly curling wand:

the Bed Head, it’s the most similar one I have found to my regular wand! I tend to use the wands that are most similar to a curling iron because I feel the curls are more my style.

What’s the difference between the barrels?

One dimension barrels:

These barrels will give you more of a regular curl look. It’s the most similar to a curling iron.

Two dimension barrels:

These will give a wave that starts larger at your root of your hair and gradually diminishes in size due to the barrel getting smaller.

What’s the difference between ceramic and titanium?

Ceramic means that it protects your hair more because it’s not in direct contact with the metal. If your hair doesn’t hold curl very well, try to find one that’s not ceramic. This will help direct the heat onto your hair better!

THIS is ceramic! THIS is titanium!

Would you like to see how to curl your hair with a wand? Let me know and I’ll work on a tutorial!




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