Why is blush pink a multi-seasonal color?

Twirling the streets in Portland in blush pink ruffles and studded stilettos is just about my favorite thing to do. Explaining why blush pink is the best multi-season color to wear for all skin tones.



If you have followed along for any amount of time, then you know that blush pink literally runs through my veins. I live and breathe it!

The number one question I hear is, “Will it look good on me and can I only wear it in Spring?”

To that I say, YES it will look great on you and NO you can wear all four seasons.

Blush pink has different tones, play around until you find a tone that compliments your skin color. A trick to do this quickly is to lay a shirt or dress on your shoulders under your face and look in a mirror at the store so you can see the color right up against you.

Why does it work during all four seasons? Well, I would say first of all I wear all colors all seasons and love to break the rules. But blush pink is also a great neutral color that compliments any colors put with it. Think of it as White!

Where it with these colors each season to keep it timely:

Fall: Orange, tan, Olive Green

Winter: Black, Maroon, Dark Brown

Spring: White, Olive Green, Blue

Summer: Blue, White, Hot Pink

I hope this answers your questions!

Wear blush pink boldly!



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