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Well, sharing an insecurity of mine that may be yours as well. Trying to hide behind lipstick and lip liners won’t help me move past this. I may have found a solution for those times I really would like fuller lips!


So, where to begin. I come from a family that has been recognized for their lips. Shape, size, fullness, etc. When I was younger, I thought NOTHING of it. As I grew up, I realized, I was a little different than the rest.

I have kept this hidden for so many years but I don’t like hiding. I inherited the lip shape from my family, but I didn’t inherit the fullness.

Feeling vain and selfish for even thinking about not being content with my lips has haunted me for years. Being in the spotlight and constantly having photos taken, etc. has made me hyper-aware of this insecurity. I have tried overlining my lips to create a fuller appearance, lip plumper glosses, etc.

As I grow in my contentment of my less full lips, I am finding ways to have fun with them as they are. I was contacted by PMD to try out their product PMD Kiss. It’s a lip plumper machine that not only helps make your lips fuller (over time) but also helps with the wrinkles and fine lines on them as an anti-aging aide. It will boost the collagen production in your lips for a fuller smoother appearance. I struggle terribly with eczema and dry skin on my face which leaves my lips looking like the desert at 2 pm in the middle of the Summer.


I am sharing my before pictures with you today and will be using this product for a month to see how it changes my lips!

How it works:

One: Apply lip plumper serum on JUST lips

Two: Power on device and place tip directly onto your lip creating a suction.

Three: Hold device on your lip for a total of 15 pulses.

Four: Move the device over your lips for a total of 6 sections and repeating step 3 on each section.

PMD has been so gracious to offer a 20% off coupon code on their products as well: “PRIMP20”! Next on my list is the PMD for my face because it will help with my acne scarring and texture.

If you could let go of one insecurity and have fun with it, what would it be?


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