7 positive thinking patterns with Pamprin

I am partnering with Pamprin today to share with you 7 healthy positive thinking patterns to adopt for your life and what makes Pamprin stand out for us as women.

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

When I got the opportunity to share about my experience with Pamprin, they sent 7 steps for positivity in my goody box. It got me thinking that this is something that I struggle with and that some of you probably do too! Let’s empower each other with positivity!

Before I talk about my experience with Pamprin, I am going to challenge you with 7 healthy positive thinking patterns! 

One: 3 positive self-affirmations

Negative self-talk comes too easily to us, we need to be diligent to focus on the positive! Each day I try to think of 3 positive self-affirmations you can say to yourself. When I was in eating disorder treatment I learned that I need to speak these to myself in the mirror. Speaking them where I can actually see what I am talking about makes a much bigger impact. The three I try and say to myself each day is: you are beautiful, you are mentally and physically strong, and your determination will prevail any obstacle you may face today!

Two: Positive Company

When our friends or family bring a negative conversation or lifestyle, though it is hard, you need space from that. This means the friends you choose to be around if they are always talking negatively about themselves, their life, or those around them you need to create space from that. That negativity DOES impact you and it brings you down.

Three: List your blessings

Make a running list that you can look back on to remind you just how blessed you are! I have one on my phone in my notes section. When I get discouraged we are still not in a home of our own yet or we are still struggling with this or that, I look at this list to remind just how BLESSED I really am.

Four: Encourage others

When we take the time to encourage someone else, not only are we paying it forward but we are internally building up encouragement in ourselves. This is a huge issue with our culture, being selfish and not encouraging those around us but focusing on our own success. Let’s be the change by encouraging instead of looking for encouragement.

Five: Look for the good not the bad.

This retrains our thinking to look for the positive in others and praise that! Our world has trained us to look for the negative and focus on that. When we look for the good in someone or a situation it will change our entire outlook on life and ourselves.

Six: Find your own JOY.

Too often I find myself looking at someone else and wishing I had their joy. This is robbing me of having my own joy, having joy that comes from your life and your blessings are WAY more fulfilling than trying to live vicariously through someone else. Find your joy within your heart and life, it’s there, I promise!

Seven: Be present.

Stop those distractions. Put down that phone. Be present in your conversations, work, and time spent with friends and family. Focus on the life in front of you instead of the “life” online or in your work. I struggle with this one so much! I am trying to find a balance since so much of my life is online because of blogging. Balance is key and each person’s balance will look different. Just focus on being present in the moments of life.

So why Pamprin? 

Pamprin is an inexpensive way to help survive the inevitable discomforts from your period. When I found out about Pamprin, I was floored I hadn’t heard of it before. It was an absolute game-changer for me each month.

It’s not hard on your stomach like other over the counter products can be. My stomach is super sensitive so this is huge for me. Pamprin is gentle enough to not upset my stomach more than it already is and strong enough that it alleviates the cramps I experience.

Since I started in 8th grade, my cramps can really debilitate me. There are days that I can’t move because I am in so much pain. I know not everyone experiences this amount of pain but I also know that some of you do! No matter the level of pain you are in, it’s frustrating and can get in the way of you enjoying your life.

Why Pamprin? It has an antihistamine to relieve sensitivity, a diuretic to help with the inevitable bloating, and a pain reliever to help with the other symptoms (cramps, headache, backaches, and muscle aches). It’s not your typical pain reliever.

I hope you try Pamprin, it truly will make your life easier!

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