Crushing the velvet trend

The velvet trend is super big right now. Took me a while to hop back on that 90’s train but this $13 cami did the trick!

NECKLACE (worth every penny) Budget option HERE | Lips (Snob)

Going back to the 90’s styles are hard for me. I hate to relive some of those awkward days. The velvet trend was one I thought I could replicate in a way that would remind me of the cute little velvet dresses I used to wear to church.

This cami is $13 at Target and is the PERFECT way to crush the velvet trend this Fall. Not only is it perfect for mixing textures but also for being a great basic for layering with cardigans.

Fall = Layering. Layering a cami under a blazer or long cardigan is my FAVORITE trend. It makes your wardrobe have so many possibilities. Plus, the cami’s can be worn year round.

I always wear a specific strapless bra with my cami’s. Do you guys want a blog post on that? It’s a serious wardrobe game changer!

How will you crush the
velvet trend this season?





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