Fall Fashion | All White

Fall fashion favorite, ALL WHITE. Maybe with a pop of leopard or tan. You seriously cannot go wrong with it but you have to make sure it’s balanced in the Fall and Winter.

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Wearing an all-white outfit is one of my favorite things, especially for Fall fashion! Are you scared to try it? I have a method that ensures your outfit will be balanced!

Balance: choose one other color tone to wear with the white. This will be carried through with your handbag, shoes, and any other accessories.

For this outfit, I chose tan/brown. This was perfect for a Fall fashion look! The brown warms the white color tones that could be cooler toned if worn with black.

I LOVE to wear all white with black accents for a dressy look. It’s a seriously stunning and classy combo.

For a fun upbeat look, I will pair an all-white outfit with a pop of color such as pink, yellow, red, etc. When I wear it with a pop of color (other than blush pink or red) it’s typically in the warmer seasons!

What color would you wear with an
all-white outfit for Fall fashion?




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