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I’ve partnered with Grocery Outlet to create this yummy Fall drink with their Indigo Eyes Sparkling Brut. It’s so easy and SO good! PS I have a non-alcoholic version too.



I LOVE a good mimosa but the Fall calls for a good Fall tasting twist. I first had an Apple Cider Mimosa a couple years ago and love recreating them! It makes a great addition to a pancake breakfast or a yummy Fall dinner.


You can use apple juice or apple cider, the apple cider gives a better punch of flavor in my opinion. The cinnamon stick is just for looks and a little bit of taste, please don’t eat this garnish!


The base to this recipe is the Indigo Eyes Sparkling Brut for under $6 that is included in the Grocery Outlet 20% off wine sale! Grab your coupon HERE. There are a couple other wines included as well, this is a great time to pick up hostess gifts or pairings for Holiday dinners.


I love serving this Apple Cider Mimosa in a Moscow mule cup because it just feels way more Fall. You can serve it in a mason jar, champagne glass, or just a mug!



Apple Cider Mimosa Recipe


Indigo Eyes Sparkling Brut (or Sparkling Cider for non-alcoholic)

Apple Cider


Cinnamon Sticks


ONE: Fill your mug up 2/3 with ice.

TWO: Pour the Indigo Eyes Sparkling Brut into mug about half way up (or sparkling cider for non-alcoholic)

THREE: Fill the rest of the mug with Apple Cider.

FOUR: Cut an apple for a garnish. I like this to be round and cut the core out of the center.

FIVE: place the cinnamon stick in and CHEERS!

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What dinner will you be serving this Apple Cider Mimosa at?


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