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It’s never too early to have a game plan for shopping the biggest sales of the year. These are my go-to Black Friday shopping tips I can give you! They have been developed and fine-tuned over about 10 years lol!


If you are anything like me, you are a planner. If you are not like me, then this post is for you too. This will be a game plan of sorts on how to tackle the shopping hustle. These Black Friday Shopping Tips have been a life saver and money saver for me.

I take this time to not only buy ALL my Christmas gifts but also fill holes in my closet. It seems a little foreign to shop for yourself right before Christmas but you can’t beat these prices y’all.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

ONE: Make a list for you.

The Nordstrom anniversary sale and Black Friday is when I do the most shopping for my closet. The prices are too good! Take the time to look through your closet and see if there are any needs. I look for my basics on sale at Nordstrom because of free shipping, great return policy, and discounted prices. We are talking boots, sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, dress pants, makeup, etc.

TWO: Make a list of others.

Think ahead of time who you need to buy for 2-3 ideas of what to look for. Keep this list with you when shopping for them to stay on target and be reminded of your ideas for them. I keep mine on a note in my phone!

THREE: Do your homework.

I am making this one easy on you. I will be posting gift guides for her, him, Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, and more all through November. This is when you can save items or add them to your cart that you like for people. Then when Black Friday hits, your hard work is almost done. I will be sharing a round-up of sales and items I have found on Nov. 22nd and will be adding to it through the big sale weekend!

FOUR: Skip the lines. 

Seriously. I used to do Black Friday in store. It’s insane. Made some great memories with my sisters but man I will take online shopping any day!

FIVE: Coupon Codes

I will have a FULL post on Black Friday sales and I will include all the coupon codes. USE THEM! They have additional savings with shipping and extra % discounts. This will be on the post on Nov. 22nd and I will be adding to it through the big sale weekend!

SIX: Buy multiple sizes.

If you are unsure of a color or size. But both! Chances are when you go back to exchange the size or color, it will be gone. Worse, the price will have gone up and you will miss out on the savings!

SEVEN: Have a backup plan. 

Buy multiple options for people during Black Friday. Once you are done shopping and all of your items have arrived, pick your favorite and send the others back. Too often I think I found the perfect gift for someone and then 3 hours later I found something better but missed the sale!

EIGHT: Use the search tool. 

This saves you so much time! I use it anytime I shop but especially during a crazy sale. Use the search tool to narrow down your options of what you are looking at. Such as a black sweater. I will search for “black sweater”, then I will filter the results from low to high price to be sure I get the best deal!

NINE: Don’t try and price match.

Black Friday is one of those periods where stores will almost always NOT price match so buy it and if you find it cheaper elsewhere, return the first one!

TEN: Shop Early. 

I will have a Black Friday Deals round-up post live on the blog about the Wednesday before. That would be November 22nd. Look and add items to your cart, get coupon codes ready from the blog post round-up, and prepare those fingertips to press checkout.

ELEVEN: Return Policy. 

Keep in mind each store has different return policies. Keep track of your receipts. I categorize mine in my email in a Black Friday folder for easy to grab access!


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