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I have been with Reward Style for 2 years now and realized I never explained what this is. You may also see on my Instagram. I am sharing all about them and why they matter to you as a follower/reader.

SWEATER Chicwish c/o | JEANS Red Dress | BOOTS Red Dress | HANDBAG TJ Maxx |
LIPS Mac (Snob)

So, the big question:
What is or Reward Style?

This is part of my income from my blog, it’s called affiliate links. When you click on a link from my blog or (more to come on this), I will earn a small amount from that sale. This is at NO cost to you. It can be expensive to keep a website going and provide all the content I am for you guys, this income from the sales help to support this blog! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any purchases you have made from my website. It truly means the world!

Why do I not tag brands in photos? Why do I DM links when asked about a product?

Ever since I worked in retail, respecting a sales associate time has been huge for me! When you go shopping and a sales associate reaches out and helps you, this is how their income is decided on. They are doing their job (no matter how annoying it may be at times). Just as that sales associates income is determined by you shopping with them in store, a portion of my income is determined by your purchases from my blog and shopping my Instagram feed from It takes time to research and find items to style for you and give you a shortcut to shopping, this is a way that helps me to be able to keep doing this for you!

How do you shop my Instagram feed with

I know not everyone reads my blog and I know that not everyone that reads my blog follows me on my Instagram. For those on Instagram, the easiest way for you to find out where an item I am wearing is from is through There are a couple ways to do this so I have outlined them below!

ONE: Sign up for HERE

Each time you like my photos or bloggers affiliated with, you can find out where the items are from the emails or the website!

  1. Sign up
  2. Select how you want to be alerted to pictures you like on Instagram:
    1. Emails sent daily
    2. Weekly
    3. Monthly
    4. Or NO emails (this is what I prefer so I can log into online or in the app and pick out the items from peoples photos.
  3. Search for your favorite bloggers and follow them.



TWO: Download the app HERE

Each time you screenshot a bloggers image that has been linked through, it will show up in your feed on your app where you can shop from the items!

  1. Download the app from the app store.
  2. log in OR sign up for
  3. Screenshot away!

This is my FAVORITE option because it’s an instant connection to the photos I want to shop from Instagram.



THREE: Click the outfit you want details of HERE on my blog or HERE.

I have enabled certain areas on my blog to connect with  This allows you to shop the items in the outfit WITHOUT signing up for

  1. click on the sidebar or the category on the top menu bar.
  2. Then click the photo that you want to shop the items from.
  3. Once you click the item you like, it will take you DIRECTLY to that item!

How do you shop from my blog?

I have made this super easy for you and keep the same set up with each blog!

I link everything under my outfit details section at the top of the blog!




There is a widget at the bottom that shows the products. I will be including the prices with this widget because I have heard some feedback that y’all like to see the prices first!


I hope this was helpful information on knowing what affiliate links are, how they help support my blog, and how easy it is to find the items I am wearing with!



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