What is a Golden Birthday? | Year 27 Bucket List

Celebrating 27 years of life on Monday which happens to be my golden birthday! Answering the question of “What is a golden birthday” and rounded up my birthday wishlist!

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What is a Golden Birthday?

From the time I was a little girl and heard that your golden birthday was when you turned the age of your birthday, I knew that my golden birthday would be the best year yet. Urban Dictionary has a fun definition too! So this year I am turning 27 on the 27th which makes it my Golden Birthday!

I accomplished a lot while 26 but I want to accomplish so much more being 27. Now that it’s here, I don’t want to disappoint my 5-year-old self.

Birthday Wishlist:

Year 27 Bucket List:

  1. Visit Canada for the first time.
  2. Buy a house with my husband.
  3. Take my health back, no more excuses.
  4. Forgive often.
  5. Renew my wedding vows with my husband.
  6. Be present in my daily life.
  7. Learn how to make french macaroons.
  8. Go ice skating with Jason.
  9. Cultivate a community that uplifts each other through my blog.
  10. Share my testimony publicly. (this is scary! Many things people close to me have no idea about but God works through our brokenness right?)
  11. Learn to cook dairy free and have it taste good!
  12. Food prep
  13. Take my niece and nephews on dates with just me.
  14. Limit my intake of Coca Cola.
  15. See Disneyland at Christmas time.
  16. Finally, share my “why” behind my blog with all the transparency I can muster.
  17. Launch my Blog Coaching Class!
  18. Start personally styling clients again.
  19. Go backpacking with Jason.
  20. Learn how to cross-country ski.
  21. Go snowshoeing with Jason.
  22. Host my first Holiday dinner party.
  23. Update my passport
  24. Design my Cloffice (closet office)
  25. Record our first Vlog on a vacation
  26. Run a 5K length run without stopping (haven’t done this since High School).
  27. Take chances without fear stopping me from exceeding even my own expectations!

Want to know more about the girl behind the Topknots? I wrote 26 facts that you may not know about me last year, HERE.

I hope this answered, “What a Golden Birthday” is and gave you some holiday shopping ideas as well!



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