How to keep gift giving in BALANCE.

Coming from a girl that LOVES to give, gift giving has always been a struggle to keep in balance. I always wish I could give everyone everything I could! That’s just not reality. I have come to the realization the last couple years on how to keep gift giving in balance with this season.

How to keep gift giving in BALANCE by popular Portland style blogger Topknots and Pearls


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  • Don’t try and make all the gifts the same price. If someone needs something, buy that for them! That doesn’t mean that you have to even out the price of everyone else’s gifts to match that price tag. This is an easy way to spend outside of your budget. People will truly understand someones need for something if their heart is in the right place.
  • Keep things simple and specific to each person.
  • Give from your heart! It may seem obvious but not everyone does this. Some give gifts to get the biggest reaction or the most brownie points from the receiver. Gifts shouldn’t be about that. It should be about the person getting the gift, no matter how small the gesture is. Do it for them and not for yourself.
  • Give freely. Without ANY strings attached. I think we all know and understand this thought. This is a great reminder to give with a happy and peaceful heart. Don’t expect anything in return.
  • Try to give EXPERIENCES rather than items. Having something small to unwrap to still be able to give this person something for the holiday but gift a fun experience. For Valentines Day one year, I gave Jason the experience of us going indoor skydiving and out to his dinner of choice. This was a blast! This year, he took me to Seattle for my birthday. Making memories is something everyone cherishes. We all have enough stuff.
  • Make a list, and seriously check it twice. I ask everyone what they need first or something that they have had their eye on. If it’s a larger item outside of my price range, I will try and coordinate with others to all pool resources to make it happen or contribute towards that for them. If I do this, I also have something small wrapped under the tree for them. I write down everything I am getting for everyone and see where I can get the best deal for them. PS I do this hard work in November so I can utilize Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Most importantly, value the time and the memories created. The Holidays should be about what we are celebrating and the gifts that we share should be second in our eyes.

Let gift giving be fun and about celebrating the real reason behind the gifts.

How to keep gift giving in BALANCE by popular Portland style blogger Topknots and Pearls

How to keep gift giving in BALANCE by popular Portland style blogger Topknots and Pearls


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