Messy Ponytails | Tutorial

I had a lot of questions about my messy ponytails so I am spilling the secret today! This is such an easy hairstyle you can dress up or keep casual like I have it here!

SWEATER Red Dress (similar) | VEST The North Face | LEGGINGS Spanx (dupe from Target)| SHOES Nike Rosche | BRACELETS Amazon

The last couple years, I have perfect my messy ponytails. Each one looks different no matter how hard I try! The way to make them successful is to just let your hair do what it’s going to do. Oh, and add lots of volume!

ONE: Start with your hair curly and down. 

TWO: Add volume to the crown of your hair. I use this teasing comb and this volumizer powder. (I don’t have it pictured here because I had done this at home when I curled my hair)

THREE: Take a hair tie and pull your hair into a ponytail at the bottom of your neck. Don’t be particular about the bumps 

Four: Start to pull and separate your hair to create volume. This will make it into the messy ponytails you gals are hoping to get! 

TRICK: When you pull the hair up to create the volume, then pull the sides of your hair in the hair tie to tighten it back up. This will lock in the volume!

FIVE: Pull some pieces in front of your face to help frame it. This is optional but I love the way it softens the look. 

Send pictures of your messy ponytails!


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