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Stockings are the BEST part of Christmas as an adult. Having items that are fun and affordable is the key to making the stockings the best. I rounded up my favorite stocking stuffer ideas under $10 that I LOVE and use all the time.

PJ TOP Old Navy | PJ BOTTOMS Old Navy | SLIPPERS Victoria’s Secret | BEANIE Hollister ($12!)

Herpecin L $4.00: You know my love for this if you read THIS post. It’s perfect for the Winter time. The smell is similar to a subtle coconut smell, not medicinal at all! The texture is smooth and it comes in an easy to use tube!

EOS Lotion $4.93: I have this on my nightstand. I LOVE the smell of it, it’s super lightweight and is quick to soak into your skin. EOS has small bottles of their lotions that are perfect for your handbag!


Essie Nail Polish $8.97: No picture for this one but if you want to get a nail polish that will last on your nails and apply easily, Essie is the way to go. I am dying to try their gel polish, it doesn’t need a light to cure it either!

ELF Eye Shadow: I am loving the glitter ELF eyeshadows because they are easy to use, inexpensive, and a quick solution to a fast eyeshadow look. This one is a soft rose color that doesn’t need another eyeshadow, it dries and you’re ready to go!

Loreal Paris Mascara: My newest drugstore mascara obsession. It’s the closest drugstore dupe for my favorite high-end mascara. This has the best brush that is wide and makes your lashes look long and full. I would take about 5 of these in my stocking lol!

Loreal Paris Infallible Eye Liner: The ONLY liquid eyeliner I use. It’s $7 and I buy it twice a year. I have never been good with liquid eyeliner but this is literally foolproof. You can get it waterproof as well!

Neutrogena Light Therapy Pen (not $10 but WORTH IT): I had to put this on here since it’s perfect for a stocking but not under $10. This has saved my skin! I love the full mask but I keep this light therapy pen in my handbag to use throughout the day when I have a pimple that made a large and in charge that day! I will use it 3 times during the day. BEST EVER!

Mentos Gum: The only gum I truly truly love. So silly but it’s my favorite! I have one on my desk at work, in my car, and in my laptop bag. It’s SO good.

Tweezerman Tweezers $7.97: The ONLY tweezers I will use. They are literally the best. Won’t pinch your skin and your hubby won’t steal them because they are pink 😉

Starbucks Via $5.98: I take these everywhere I go! I have them stored at my sister’s house because she doesn’t drink coffee but I live on it. They are perfect to put in your handbag or laptop bag!

My favorite Energel Pen $9.65: I am a nerd, I’ll admit it. I have to write a lot so I am PICKY when it comes to pens. This is my absolute favorite, it makes you feel so important when you’re writing with it. It’s so smooth and actually comfortable to hold.

AirSpun Loose Powder: This is the loose powder I use to set my makeup and to make my eyelashes voluminous. I press my finger tip into the powder and press lightly onto my eyelashes after the first coat of mascara. Once it’s been on there for a couple minutes, I will follow with more coats of mascara. It makes a huge difference in your lashes without falsies!

Goody Hair ties: Long thick hair, these are the only hair ties that work and I am ALWAYS in need of them!

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play: I have been using this product dialy and will do a review on it soon. Its a powder so I will lift up the crown of my hair and tap some powder on my roots. When I lay the crown of hair back down, I will rub my fingers through my roots to add a natural volume.

Pom Pom Keychain: This keychain is $4! It’s adorable. I love these but can’t justify paying the deisnger price. Here is a great option for cheaper.

Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas, I hope these stocking stuffer ideas are helpful!






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