2018 New Year Goals NOT Resolutions

It’s a new year which means new year goals. I recently saw someone reference their resolutions as goals and I LOVED that concept. It’s a mental game and labeling them as goals make them so much more powerful in your life.

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2017 was a tough year for me. Nothing in particular but as a whole it left me anxious, saddened over life, pushing against obstacles, and not proud of what I accomplished. All that being said, a new year with new goals means we have the chance to change! All the challenges 2017 presented means growth and character building, even when I feel like my character is pretty strong already lol!

Jason and I have a lot to look forward to in 2018, our year in review as a family is HERE along with adorable pictures of Tana!

My goals for 2018 for my business are ever growing and empowering me to work hard! I am sharing my personal life goals for 2018 as I know these will resonate with you too!

MOTIVATION TIP: Write your goals down on paper and put them somewhere you will reference during the week to remind you to keep powering on!

2018 New Year Goals 

Learn how to hand letter! Looking at you Chalk Full of Love

Weekly Meal Prep: for better physical, mental, and emotional health. Starting Clean Simple Eats Winter program this week!

Finish Couch to 5K program: I have started and stopped this program too many times to count. I LOVE it, it’s all planned out for you but when sickness strikes, I fall off.

Renew Passport and plan a Canadian trip with Jason: we have talked about doing this so many times, 2018 is the year we do! If you have any recommendations, please send them our way!

Follow a budget: we have made this so many times and don’t follow it. This year will be full of changes and big expenses so following a budget is imperative!

Buy a house with Jason! We have been living with my parents as we have adjusted to life outside of the military and waiting on our eligibility for a VA loan. I wrote all about our time of waiting on THIS post!

Meditate on God’s word each day. I NEED this time to refresh my mind and set my heart on what truly matters. This year, above any other year for me, is going to be full of times I need to trust Him. The only way I will be able to do this is by spending time with Him. My FAV devotional is THIS one, straight to the point and always what I need.

Face my fears head-on: I have struggled with anxiety and depression most of my life. It’s a tough burden to carry but one I am learning more about each day. I struggle terribly with the unknown, big changes, or being in times of transition. The last 2 years have pushed me to the point of breaking more than once but this has also been crucial for me to become stronger mentally. 2018 will be a year of a lot of changes and times my mental health will need to be strong, so here is to facing my fears!

Dream big Dreams: due to my anxiety, I tend to keep myself in a box that’s manageable. When I dream too big, I struggle with pursuing it because I fear of failing. Failure is one of my biggest fears, but without failure, I would never know what I am doing well or how I can change. So here is to dreaming those big dreams and seeing where they take me!

Love without holding back: my life hasn’t been easy as I know a lot of you are in the same place. My heart has been hurt so many times that I hold myself back out of fear and pain. This year, my biggest goal is to love without letting my fear and past pain hold me back. This goes with friendships, my marriage, family relationships, and my community!

Have you been inspired to set some lofty goals for your year? If not, I encourage you to! There is so much more power in our goals when we write them down as a reminder.

What is one of your New Year goals you know you need to face in 2018? Let me know in the comments below!



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