Apple Watch Features | Review

After owning my watch for 5 months and getting to know the Apple watch features, I feel like I can actually give a valid review of this product. I have been asked so many times about how I like it and how I use it so here is the answer to all the questions, the good and the bad.


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BAD Apple watch features:

-Price: It’s an expensive investment. I strongly suggest in waiting for it to go on sale. Macy’s is ALWAYS having sales on theirs, that is where I bought mine. I got it for about 30% off. Save up for this puppy.

-Battery: When you connect the watch via Bluetooth to your phone, the watch battery won’t last a full day which kind of sucks. When I am at work, I will have it not connected to my phone because my phone is right next to me. This saves the battery so I can workout at home and still use my watch.

-Hard to get used to screens: It wasn’t as user-friendly as I wanted it to be. Then again, I didn’t read any manuals or tutorials, I just went for it! Set up was self-explanatory but getting used to using the screens and buttons to navigate it took about 2 days to get used to.

-Needs phone nearby: The new series makes it so you don’t have to have your phone close by. I have the series 2 so I have to have my phone close by to still receive texts and emails. HERE are more details on the connectivity with your iPhone from Apple.


GOOD Apple watch features:

-Set up: This was the easiest part of the process! Apple seriously makes setting up your devices so simple and logical.

-Heart Rate Monitor: I love this feature. After struggling with an eating disorder for 8 years of my life, my heart can do some funky things when working out or under stress. The heart rate monitor has been awesome to show me when I have pushed myself too hard in a workout, I am too stressed or anxious, etc. This will be a great feature when I am pregnant someday and wanting to workout.

-Tracks Route: When I run or walk outside, it tracks my route. I love this because I can see the places I sped up or slowed down and compare them to completed routes previously to see my improvement.

-Calories: I use this function not to lose weight but to be sure that after I workout I am refueling my body with the right amount of nutrients to not be in a deficit.

-Steps: After taking my full-time office job, I had no clue how sedentary I had become. Guys, it was BAD! When I first bought my watch, I didn’t change my daily pattern for a couple days to see just how bad off I was. I was maybe walking 4,000 steps a day….. I should have been walking about 7,000 steps a day to be on a low activity level. Since starting my running with the Couch to 5K program, I am averaging about 8,000 steps a day which I am very proud of for working at a desk 8 hours a day.

-Stand up: Since I do work at a desk, this function has been so amazing for me. It alerts you every hour if you have not stood and walked around. This is amazing for your circulation but also for getting oxygen back into your brain for better mental clarity.

-Breathe: Similar to the standing function, it alerts you to breathe. You can dismiss this which I do a lot during the day but if I am struggling with my anxiety or stress level I will use it. The watch walks you through the steps of slowing your breathing pattern down. It takes about 60 seconds, once you’re done, you can really feel a difference mentally.

-Watch Bands: I love that I can accessorize my watch! I have THIS band in rose gold and gold! I really want to get a couple leather bands as well. The white band that came with the watch is the one I work out in due to the comfort of it as well as wanting to be 100% sure it’s secure when I am moving that much.

-Apple Pay: This function is so convenient. More places are taking Apple Pay which I love for a lot of reasons but mostly for convenience. I just hold my watch over the machine and BAM! I used this function all day long in Disneyland.

-Texts: When I have my Bluetooth up on my phone, I get the texts on my watch. This is perfect when I am busy around the house or out running errands. I can see if I need to grab my phone out of my bag or if it’s ok to leave it in my bag.

-Phone Calls: Similarly to the text message function, the phone calls come through on the watch as well. The calls are on speaker phone. You can connect your headphones to your watch via Bluetooth though.

-Emails: A small excerpt of the email appears on the screen, this is perfect to make sure it’s not something I need to grab my phone or hop onto my computer for.

-Music: Your music app is on your watch screen as well so you can manage your listening from this. I LOVE this function for when I am working out.

-Design: The design of the watch is very modern but still sleek. It blends with everything. I thought at first the black screen would bother me since the screen lights up when you move your wrist. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

-Comfortable: The watch band that comes with it is SO comfortable. Especially when working out, a sleek and smooth band on my wrist is necessary cause I sweat. After about a day of wearing it, I didn’t even notice the watch being on my wrist which was amazing.

-Watch Face Screens: One of the best parts of the watch for me was the ability to change your watch face screens. I love to change it up depending on my mood. There are color options and layout options. My favorite one was the Minnie Mouse one that I got to use when I was in Disneyland!


Are the Apple watch features, good and bad, worth the investment? 100% YES!



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