Best Purchases of 2017 Review

2017 was a year of good purchases and closet staples! Here are my favorites and WHY they made the cut for Best Purchases! Some of these purchases were even highlighted by for being #1 choices in the nation! Not going to lie, I felt pretty cool lol!

This image is shoppable! The Tory Burch Boots, Free People Sweater in pink, and the Leopard Mules are not currently available. I am so sorry! I’ll link similar down below!


Sonicare Toothbrush on sale, $10 off in your cart! : This was such a random purchase but I am loving it. My teeth have always given me problems, not with being white, but stupid cavities. This toothbrush has helped my teeth actually get clean, help my gums, and whiten my teeth! Both Jason and I have one, his is black and mine is blush pink.

PMD: This was sent to me for a post, check it out HERE. Since I have been using it, I will not stop. I have seen my pores shrink, acne spots go way down, my skin is so much smoother in texture, and my skin products absorb so much better. This tool is mimicking a microdermabrasion facial which can cost upwards of $200. For the same price, you can do this once a week without the huge cost!

MAC Lip Pencil in Stripdown: I LOVE my Mac products, you know my everyday color Snob. This lip pencil is worth the $17. It lasts forever and is the perfect color to go under all of my lipsticks. I mean ALL! My nudes, reds, purples, and pinks.

Vanity LED light Mirror: Finally scored this on a huge sale for Black Friday. If you didn’t know, Jason and I are still living with my parents as we wait on buying a house with our VA loan. I don’t have my normal vanity that has good lighting so I needed something that could add additional light and clarity when doing my makeup in the early morning for work. The lights adjust in brightness or you can use it without. The mirror also adjusts in angle!



Free People Scarf: I have a full review of this scarf on THIS post. It was available last season and I didn’t get it after it was no longer available I regretted passing on it. It’s on the pricey end but it’s worth it in my opinion if you wear scarves a lot or live in a cold environment. This scarf is incredibly warm, thick, soft, and comes in a million colors. If the price holds you back, they go on sale periodically through the season, I’ll be sharing when I find it on sale on my IG stories!

Apple Watch: This was an investment for me but I can’t tell you enough about it. I have a full review blog post coming so I’ll briefly share why I love it here.

-Tracks my activity

-Heart Rate monitoring

-Makes me stand up when sitting for too long.

-Motivated me to be more active after seeing how inactive I was!

Cable Bracelet: I love the David Yurman style but cannot bring myself to pay that price. This is around $16 and I have three of them that I stack together either by themselves or with a watch. They are so simple but chic. It dresses up the most simple of t-shirts and makes me feel like I have a pulled together outfit.

Gucci Belt Dupe: This belt is $16 vs. the designer one for $350. Nobody knows the difference unless they are scrutinizing it and know the Gucci version perfectly. I actually just ordered the larger version HERE and CANNOT wait for it.

Baublebar Gold Layering Necklace: I waited for this one to go on sale, literally wear it with everything! It looks great with a plain t-shirt and jeans, a blouse for work, sweater, etc. It was one of the best sellers this year too!

Argento Vivo Hoops: Totally transparency, I won these from a giveaway on their Instagram. I LOVE hoops. They were my first earring choice when I was 13. I hate heavy weighted earrings though so when I put these on, I knew they would be a fav. They are lightweight and the perfect statement! I wore them on THIS post to see them clearly!



Tory Burch Riding Boots: I wrote a full review of these boots on THIS post. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale always has these for about 40% off. This is the best time to buy them! I waited a couple years until I could afford them. For sizing, leather, comfort, etc read THIS post!

Nike Rosche on sale, $60 and tons of colors! I used to not be a tennis shoe girl except for working out. Now I cannot get enough of them, they are so comfortable. Maybe I am getting old because I wear my tennis shoes on the weekends with my casual outfits because comfort is way more important to me!

Jeffrey Campbell Wedge: I had a dupe for this shoe that I wore to pieces, literal pieces. This last Black Friday, they went on insane sale so I scooped them up! These will be worn just like my dupes: all the time! They are currently on sale as well!

Leopard Mule similar on sale for $70! I LIVED in these this Fall. It was the perfect accent to a simple outfit, especially for work. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. Just slide them on. I can’t wait to wear them once the weather warms up a little. Mules were all the rage this season and they will continue to be this year as well!

Sperry Duck Boot: Deal of the century, I scooped them up on Black Friday for $48! For an Oregon girl, I am so thankful I bought these. I LOVE my Hunter rain boots but these are great for a different look. Also, they can be a little more functional for an everyday look. They come in a million color combos too!

Sam Edelman Over the Knee Boots my heeled version is out of stock. My most worn boot this year! I have no clue what took me so long to buy them. Hands down, buy the comfortable ones though. The Sam Edelman ones are insanely comfy but the ones you can buy at boutiques online are not. Spend the extra $! The more expensive ones stay up on your legs better too.



American Eagle Super hi-rise Jegging: High school Nicholle wore American Eagle jeans religiously. I drifted from them in late College because they stopped making my favorite style. To be honest I was super bummed! I finally tried their hi-rise jeans this year and they are all I wear now. With super long legs, I had to get the super hi-rise to make them sit at my natural waistline. They are a jegging but they actually have pockets and stitching that look just like jeans! I have 4 pairs and they are all I wear. Often times you can find them online for buy one get one 50% off. When you do, BUY THEM!

Free People Sweater: Another splurge piece but I wear it once a week, have been since September! It wears like iron and looks great with jeans, leggings, or dress pants for work. It’s a lightweight weave the keeps you warm but not too warm if that makes sense! The fabric reminds me of what dri-fit does. Basically keeps you at the best warmth level your body needs lol! My pink one is no longer available but if you can get your hands on one, do it! It was also a best seller this year. I 100% know why!

The North Face Puffer Vest: Wear this one weekly as well! Over sweaters and jeans, leggings and sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. I waited years to buy one and wish I would have bought one earlier. Jason got this one for me and I thank him everytime I wear it. It has worn so well! Literally looks brand new. The warmth is amazing, especially in the PNW!

Abercrombie and Fitch Sherpa Parka: This was a steal, for $36 on an insane sale. I know a lot of you also swooped it up. I can’t tell you how much I love this coat! I will be wearing this a lot in the Spring and Fall time as well. It gets super cold here in the mornings in Fall and Spring so this will be perfect, in the Winter I love to layer it with a sweater or sweatshirt. The sherpa lining is on the whole jacket which makes it keep your body heat close to you. If it goes on a good sale again, I’ll let you know!

Zella Live In Hi-Rise Leggings: Last year I bought these in the reg waist version so I had to swoop in and grab the hi-rise version when they came out! They are reversible so when you want to stay warmer, wear the softer more matte side close to your skin. When you want to stay cooler, wear the slick more shiny side close to your skin. They are a thick material which makes them hide everything. You literally cannot see your skin under them as well as smooths the texture of your legs out. I have cellulite too but you cannot see them in these!

J Crew Factory Cami: This cami was worn SO much this year. I love the adjustable straps so I can keep it modest on me. I have them with the scallop edges, if they come back in stock, I’ll let you know. These are great to wear under a blazer for work, cardigan, jacket, leather jacket, etc. It’s such a versatile piece! Also, they are double lined so they are not see through.


Did you guys like this type of post? If so, I can do more of these where I review products/purchases in one place for you!


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