What to wear to Disneyland in January.

Disneyland and Disney world are both amazing places! You have to plan ahead on what to wear to Disneyland in January. I was actually surprised at what I actually needed. A full round-up of 5 days of the morning – afternoon outfits and evening outfits! There is also a list of the activities we did there that I would recommend!



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APPLE WATCH: The one item I didn’t think I would use as much as I did was my Apple Watch! I didn’t have to pull my credit card out once because of Apple Pay, it tracked my activity, I could easily see the time, and I was FINALLY able to use the cute Minnie Mouse watch face!

I bought my watch on a killer deal at (they usually have a good markdown on them) Macy’s but you can also buy them from Target, Amazon,  Kohl’s, and Walmart!

EARS: The red and black Minnie Mouse ears are a classic, I have had them for years. I had to buy the rose gold ones when I was there. They are limited edition and hello, rose gold. Where else can you wear Minnie Mouse ears and fit in? I take full advantage of it when I am there!

I also bought a Minnie Mouse Beanie! more on that below.


What to wear to Disneyland in January.


EARS: Obviously, because you never get the chance to wear ears any other place!

CROSSBODY: This is the best way to carry your stuff in the park. You can tuck it behind you or under the strap of a ride so it doesn’t fly off. I always carry one with a top zipper so that I can assure myself nothing falls out.

What to carry with you: cell phone, back up charger bank, gum, mini wallet for your cards and a little cash, chapstick, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

TENNIS SHOES: I wore this style of shoe, two different colors depending on the ears I was wearing lol! The grey pair matched my rose gold ear outfits and the black pair for my red/black ear outfits. I walked over 100,000 steps in these shoes and they were AMAZING! These are the first pair of tennis shoes that actually support my back, hips, and knees when walking. I may order another color!

72 degrees and up:

SHORTS: The only day I wore shorts was when it was close to 80 degrees. I still wore a t-shirt with them though because it wasn’t blazing hot, just nice and warm.

T-SHIRT or LONG SLEEVE SHIRT: I loved wearing my plain colored t-shirts and my stripe shirts. It was perfect because they went with everything I packed. I could mix and match my entire suitcase.

LAYERING ITEM: I mostly would bring my flannel tops as a layer for the morning to afternoon. Light enough to add warmth and not overheat while hustling through the parks. I would also tie a sweatshirt around my waist, a light weight one, so that I could layer up if I needed.




72 degrees and below:

JEANS or LEGGINGS: For our 5-day trip I brought a pair of moto leggings, black leggings, and two pairs of hi-rise jeans. This was perfect because I could layer over them int he evenings or wear a t-shirt with them in the mornings. I had enough to mix and match with our whole trip.

SWEATSHIRT or FLANNEL: I used these to add a pattern or pop of color to my outfit. A red and black plaid, white and grey plaid, and Minnie Mouse sweatshirt. Anything that you can tie around your waist or wear over top of your outfit for a layer.

T-SHIRT or LONG SLEEVE SHIRT: I brought 3 plain colored t-shirts, 2 graphic t-shirts, 3 long sleeve stripe shirts. It was the perfect amount to mix and match with my flannels and sweatshirts.


BEANIE: Without a doubt, buy a cute eared beanie! I wear mine every evening to stay warm and still festive! THIS one I got from target for $9.99 in the little girl’s section and fits perfectly! PS it’s only $10, way cheaper then beanies in the parks.

LEGGINGS: same as above.

JEANS: same as above.

TENNIS SHOES: same as above.

JACKET: In the evenings, I lived in my Columbia jacket. It’s a lightweight down jacket that was perfect to wear with a t-shirt and leggings or jeans under. Kept me perfectly warm because it gets chilly at night! I could unzip it if I got too warm as well.

SWEATSHIRT: This pink fuzzy sweatshirt was perfect! I LOVED the pop of color in the evenings if I didn’t need my down coat. It was so cute with my Minnie Mouse ears too.

PUFFER VEST: I wish I would have packed my down vest! This would have been perfect for the evenings because it got pretty chilly without the sun. You can easily put this on over top of your long sleeve tees or over a lightweight sweatshirt.





I had no clue on what to wear to Disneyland in January until I went! I am so thankful for packing options and layers!


World of Color: It’s in California Adventure Land and legit made me cry. It’s absolutely magical!

Dole Whip: It’s vegan and it’s delicious! I had one 4 out of the 5 days we were there since I couldn’t have ice cream and I wasn’t even sad about it!

Airel’s Grotto: Literally the BEST food. This shrimp pasta was what my dreams are made of and I ate every last bite! You also get to eat with the Princesses which is so fun!


Starbucks on Main St: I ran on brewed coffee, talking about 3 a day while we were there. I was SO thankful for this one in the park!

I hope this solved your dilemma of what to wear to
Disneyland in January!


**We went in December. Once we got to SoCal, I remembered from my 4 years of living there, that 72 degrees in the Winter are a very different type of heat than the Summer. Pack warmer layers then you would assume.



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