Winter Skincare Routine | oil cleansing

It’s been a hot minute since I talked about my skincare routine. It changes with each season so here is what I am doing and what products I am currently using for my Winter skincare routine featuring oil cleansing.

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OIL CLEANSER Jojoba Oil | CLEANSER Paula’s Choice | TONER Pixi or Paula’s Choice | MOISTURIZER Aveda
ADD IN’S TO MOISTURIZER for exfoliating, pore minimizing, and texture: HERE and HERE


ONE: Remove makeup with Jojoba Oil. This is what sets up your face for success, jumping start to your cleanser will not fully remove your makeup and cleanse your face like it needs to. I LOVE this jojoba oil because it has lavender and sage in it which are calmy antibacterial oils for your skin. I also love that this bottle is a dropper, one full dropper is enough to remove all my makeup. If you are worried that adding oil on top of your oily skin will make it worse, it couldn’t be more opposite. Jojoba oil is the closest oil to the makeup of your skin. This helps to balance the oils on your skin so you don’t over produce.

TWO: Cleanse face. I was introduced to Paula’s Choice skincare two years ago and have slowly found the products that have changed my skin dramatically. THIS cleanser is great for reducing the redness in my skin from eczema and acne. It’s not harsh on my skin and it lasts me FOREVER!

THREE: Tone skin. Toner is essential for balancing the PH levels on your face. I didn’t realize this until 2 years ago. I always assumed that it was an extra cleanser. My two favorite toners are from Pixi and Paula’s Choice. The Pixi one is great for when my skin is looking really clear and I don’t need an extra layer of exfoliant. The Paula’s Choice one is perfect for when I’m having breakouts and skin texture issues. I use these on cotton pads so that I don’t spread more bacteria. Also, I will use toner on a cotton pad for when I have any acne that has been opened. It cleans it so it won’t get infected.

FOUR: Moisturize your skin. This is something that has CHANGED my skin the most. I used to not use a good moisturizer because I thought it would cause more acne. That is not the case. You have to moisturize your skin for it to heal. I was sent this Aveda Wedding Masque and had to re buy it recently because it’s what works for my sin. A little goes a LONG way, all natural ingredients, and my skin has had zero reactions to it.

I don’t just use this moisturizer, I add in other products to accomplish what I need. Picture it like the perfect cocktail for your skin.

The RESIST by Paula’s Choice is the product that turned my skin around. It helps with skin texture, wrinkles, and acne. I use 4 drops in my moisturizer in my hand, mix, and smooth into my skin. Don’t skip your chin and neck, this helps to make you look younger longer!

The Skin Perfecting Gel by Paula’s Choice is great because it’s an exfoliant. If I am having some issues with my acne, I will add this to my Resist and Aveda moisturizer for a few days to clear my skin up.

FIVE: Exfoliate once a week. I have fallen in love with my PMD. There is a whole blog post on it HERE. It was sent to me by PMD, now that I have used it for weeks, I will never go without out. It’s 100% worth the investment! TIP: do not use an exfoliant or salicylic acid product on your skin the night before or day of using it as this will damage your skin.

SIX: Use masks. This light therapy mask is amazing! The blue light kills bacteria, the red light reduces inflammation. It’s a 15 minute long session and makes all the difference on my skins all over appearance. This mask has brought a spa level treatment into our homes for a good price.

There we go, this has been my Winter skincare routine! If you have any questions, shoot me an email or email on Instagram!


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