How to Style Joggers for Everyday Style

It’s so tough getting out of your comfort zone! I love skirts and dressy items but I also love casual clothes. This look is outside of my comfort zone but 92% of you asked to see them styled from my Instagram poll, so here it is! Sharing how to style joggers for everyday style!

COAT Abercrombie & Fitch | T-SHIRT Nordstrom | JOGGERS Abercrombie & Fitch |
TENNIS SHOES Nike Rosche | HAT Nordstrom (under $20!) | LIPS Mac Snob

The key for how to wear joggers for everyday style outside of the house is by making sure the outfit is cohesive. Trying to mix too many elements into one outfit with such a casual loungewear piece will be difficult to look put together. I am no Something Navy who can wear joggers with stilettos.

These joggers are amazing!! They are high waisted so they make your legs look longer which is oh so flattering. I am a little self-conscious of them making my legs look big, an insecurity I am trying to work through cause God blessed this girl with muscular legs. Wearing them out is a big step in the right direction for me.

Pairing these joggers with grey accents creates a more monochromatic feel that pulls the look together. This is the infamous $36 parka I talked about on Instagram this last December, it’s amazing! Lined with sherpa and a fur-lined hood, nothing better.

These grey tennis shoes are my absolute favorite, especially on weekends when comfort is key for me. TIP: where low ankle socks, nothing messes up an outfit more than your socks peeking out of your shoes. Small things make a big difference in an outfit.

Also, a bad hair day can be easily solved with a hat! Baseball hats and beanies are perfect for covering up a bad hair day or stretching your hair washes.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to style
joggers for everyday style!




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