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Did you know this about me? | Coffee & Chat

I haven’t shared a whole lot about me in certain areas of my life and I want to change that. Some of you know the sporty side of me and some of you know the fashion side of me. Here’s to learning more about each other!!! I play….



Tennis!!!! I played all through high school and tried to keep playing it in college, noncompetitively of course. I live a couple blocks from my old high school courts and have started to pick the game up again.

This sport is one you can pick up pretty easily when you haven’t played in a while, you WON’T be where you left off but it’s easy to remember the fundamentals. With picking this back up, I have realized how much fun Jason and I can have. I have forgotten how to have fun with him throughout the crazy schedule. Both working full time and having opposite days off is HARD WORK!

Tasc Performance has an array of options for workout clothes, I love the soft texture of them and how they adapt with movement. You know, it’s not pleasant when your tennis skirt gets stuck in the most obtrusive places. This one stays where it should, thank goodness!!!

The basics of the game so you can enjoy it too:


  • In the court: The court is set up with alleys on each side, this is an out of bounds area or if the ball hits outside of the back line of the court. When playing doubles, the outside lines of the entire court are the boundaries. Confusing, I know!
  • Game: When you serve it’s called love all. The first point won is 15. When you serve you call out, Love 15 or 15 Love depending on if you won that point. The game points continue on with 30,40, Game. If both have 40 points, it’s a deuce. Keep playing until one person wins by two points ahead of the other.
  • Set: 3 Games in a set. The person that wins the set, has to win by 2.
  • Match: The one who wins 2 out of the 3 games is the match winner.


  • Make it easy on yourself if you have never served before by dropping the ball on the ground and hitting it over the net, more or less an underhand serve. See HERE.
  • Overhead serving: see HERE.


  • Just get the ball over the net before it bounces twice!
  • Backhand or forehand, whichever way is easiest for you to receive the ball and send it across the net again. HERE are great tutorials on how to hit backhand and forehand!
At the end of the day, as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters!

Because tennis makes me have the weirdest faces when I serve….
and I know my toe is over the line…it’s all for the pictures lol!

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Why would I give up Dairy…rather, cheese? | Giveaway

Why on earth would I ever give up dairy?! I am sharing my 8 week journey so far about giving up my favorite food group and WHY. Plus, I had to share these cute pictures of Tana <3

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If you follow me on IG and saw my stories on this subject, then here is the back story. If you DON’T follow me on IG, I shared 8 weeks ago that I was giving up dairy for my health. It has been a long time coming that I was in complete and udder (pun unintended but rather hilarious!) denial about.

My sister and husband both have encouraged me for years to get rid of it in my diet. Try telling a cheese obsessor to rid themselves of their most favorite treat, it will result in tears. Trust me.

Fast forward 8 weeks and I am here to say I am so glad I chose to do this. I have never felt better in my life, except when I accidentally eat something with dairy in it. Then I feel the absolute worst. I have never known what normal felt like. Doesn’t everyone’s stomachs hurt whenever they eat?! No, Nicholle. No, they do not. Normal means you aren’t in pain, have aggravating acne (still working on this one), and monstrous headaches all the time. Instead, the headaches come from stress or dairy exposures but that’s ok, it’s much better.

There have been trials and mistakes as I am getting to know a whole new way of eating. Seriously, cheese was an entire food group for me: bread, fruit, vegetables, sugar, milk and eggs, and CHEESE. The trials have been worth it. I would love to share more about this health journey if y’all are interested. This would help if you are looking to lose a little bit of stubborn weight, vegan, allergy, or just curious! Let me know via email, comment, etc.

Why this topic and sharing an athleisure wear look?! Well, taking dairy out of my diet has meant I actually feel good to work out. It has been an amazing change for me. I no longer feel super ill which would make me feel unmotivated to work out. Let’s be real though, the past 2 weeks of starting my new job has made me exhausted and not able to balance working out yet. When I wasn’t in a transition time, I felt amazing and motivated to workout.

The point of all of this is to take your health seriously. No matter what it is.


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Road Trip Outfit | GIVEAWAY

I love going on road trips but hate how frumpy I feel while driving sometimes. The key is to dress in a cute and casual way that does well in the car. This works for road trips, busy days of errands, or days you just don’t feel like you can function at full speed.


Yes, these are the amazing leggings I wrote about this last Fall HERE. I have worn them with so many different outfits I can’t count. Lately, I have been wearing them dressed down and I am obsessed with the look. It’s cute and casual! PS these leggings are warm for the Winter too.

Why am I wearing this look on a road trip? It’s comfortable. Pretty much sums it up! It’s easy to keep clean, semi wrinkle free, and easy to layer with. I get overly warm in the car easily which means I get car sick. I like to have an outfit on that I can layer a coat over when I get out of the car.

Why this outfit works for a day running errands? It doesn’t wrinkle as you get in and out of your car or while you are driving. It drives me insane when I am going all over the place during a day of running errands, if get out of the car and am covered in wrinkles, it makes me feel unkempt. Wearing an outfit that doesn’t wrinkle is essential for me on my errand days.

Why this outfit works for days you can’t function? Easy, SO easy to put together. I put this outfit together with different variables. I will change out the top, the vest, and the hat for different looks. Basically, I can put this outfit together in the dark and I still look cute! Can you say, “winning”?!

As I was getting ready for this road trip, I thought I would share a few of my road trip essentials! While Jason and I lived in Socal, we drove to Oregon many times and a trip to San Francisco. I developed a road trip essential list that gets me through these trips! We personally love road trips together, I soak up all that quality time.

Cooler: put drinks, waters, and snacks that need to be chilled.

Garbage Bag: I always put a couple in the front seat, whenever we make a stop, we throw that grocery bag out and start a new one. It keeps your car clean.

Clorox Wipes: What for? Spills, food, wiping down the door from sticky fingers, etc.

Napkins: I always have these in my glove compartment but I put extra when we are traveling.

Snacks: We try and have a full meal on a pit stop but staying awake in the car is a true art form, one I have not quite mastered which is why Jason drives! I always have snacks that can be put into small baggies during the trip. For example: chips, pretzels, fruit slices, carrots and hummus, and gummy candy!

Music: Always have a good Pandora station to listen to, it saves you when there is nothing on the radio!

Blanket: Just in case there are two opinions of what the temperature should be in the car!

Something fun: We moved back to Oregon from SoCal in April of last year. Going 50 mph for 22 hours was a LONG trip. I introduced Jason to Mad Libs and this had us busting up for hours.

Currently, we’re driving to Montana, if you are wanting to see pretty snow, check out my IG stories! 

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