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Secret Discount Beauty and Health Care Spot | Haul

I have been frequenting this store since I was a child with my mom. It’s a hidden gem for discounted beauty and health care products that people are unaware of. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to try new products! 

Shopping on a budget is a MUST! Especially when it comes to beauty and healthcare because a fortune can be spent on these products. I love specific brands for specific reasons so I look for these brands on a budget. One of my favorite places to find these products is at Grocery Outlet.

Here is a $3 coupon as well! $3 can go long ways!

I am taking you along for the ride today to see what is all covered and what I bought for under $30! 

Grocery Outlet is a great place to not only find the products you know you already love on a discount but to also try out products you hear of but don’t want to pay full price for to try out. I find some of the best products here that I can’t find anywhere else. I found a new dry shampoo for $2 off the regular price!

Have I convinced you that you are missing out yet?!

Here is what I found for under $30:

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo $3.99

I had never tried this product before but I can’t live without my dry shampoo! I LOVE the smell of this one and it didn’t turn my hair white.

White Pen $2.99

For touch ups between my whitening trays because hello, I love my black coffee!

Acrylic Vanity Box $4.99

I immediately put this to use, you may have seen it on my IG stories. It’s perfect for keeping my vanity organized and cute!

Cuticle Trimmer $1.99

Do you have hangnails? If so, use this. It’s a complete game changer!

Simple Micellar Water $3.99

This is my FAVORITE micellar water to use. I use this to take off my eye makeup as well as cleanse my face first thing in the morning.

Peach Body Scrub $0.99

I use this in the shower to exfoliate my arms and legs before I shave. It helps to get a much closer shave.

Vega Protein 2 for $3.00

The BEST vegan based protein I have ever had. It’s been hard to find budget-friendly good-tasting dairy free protein since I took dairy out of my diet.

Keytone Vitamins $5.99

These are great for energy, they have green coffee extract in them!

Neutrogena Build A Tan Lotion $5.99

I use this in between applying fake tans or during the summer when I am trying to keep a deep color.

Here is a 20% discount coupon as well!



MAY Favorites | Monthly Roundup

This is the first of my monthly favorites where I will be sharing new products that I HAVE tried or are GOING to try! I hope this gives you some ideas on new products to use. 

May has been a full month of working full time. I realized I was behind on sharing new products with all y’all so I decided to try it in a May monthly Favorites blog post. This is how I will be sharing my new favorite products with y‘all in the future. This will be a great reference for you each month of all things new to try!  PS how is May already over?!

May Monthly Favorites:

Dermoligica: I haven’t yet been able to try this set out but I have only heard amazing things! I am anxious to try the cleanser and replenishing oil! What’s picutered here is a full skincare line of: Special Celansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Phyto Replenishing Oil, Pre-Cleanse, Active Moist, and Hydrblur Primer.

Aveda: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dry shampoo. The bottle is kind of funny to use. You shake it so the powder goes to the top and then you press the top and it sort of shoots the powder on your hair. I didn’t have to use too much and it worked amazingly! I haven’t tried the Thermal Dry Conditioner yet, but I am anxious too!



Coola: BEST SUMMER MAKEUP EVER. I have been living with this primer on my skin since my typical foundation does not have SPF in it. This primer reminds me of all the tropical places I need to visit lol! I have used this BB cream as well, it’s light coverage so when I am at home it’s perfect. It is buildable since it dries pretty matte! I will be using this a lot when camping this Summer.

Pixi by Petra: This is such an affordable luxury brand in my opinion. It’s sold at Target but it’s quality far exceeds drug store quality. I love their setting sprays! The Glow Tonic To-Go is an exfoliating toner on cotton pads so it’s quick and easy. I love these! I have used the Glow Serum and love the way it makes my skin appear the next day. The Glow Mud Cleanser and Peel & Polish mask I haven’t used yet, but will let you know when I do!








Charming Charlie: I am obsessed with these earrings! I cannot find them online but they are under $15 and come in so many colors!

Derma E: This Micellar water is super intriuging! I love my micellar water so I am excited to try this. I will let you know if I like it better then my go to. This cleansing oil looks amazing as well. Rose is great for inflamation which = my face 24/7…thanks adult acne.


Patchology: This poshpeel is actually the product I am the most excited to try! I love having baby soft skin. This peel soaks on your feet and then will peel your feet from 3-7 days. This illuminating mask is going to come in handy as well, I need some help with my dull skin. These masks are some of my faovrite but I think you already know that 😉


The Starfish Project: This company raising funds for women and children esacping trafficing and exploitation. If there is any where you should treat yourself with a piece of jewlery, it’s here. To be influentail in another persons life is amazing, especially when it feeds them and provides a roof over their head. This necklace purchase will provide the income for 1 day to a woman who has escaped trafficing. The purchas of this bracelet will provide room and board at a shelter for a week to a woman who has escaped.

Supergoop: New favorite all over suncreen. It’s a mousse which means it applies easier and is perfect for getting an even applicaiton. It’s also hubby approved!


BAUBLEBAR: Bring on the Summer turquoize jewelry! These stacking necklaces are a super big trend right now. I always struggle with them being too tight around my neck so I use THIS extender. This nekclace is already one of my favorites! Wear it with a tee and you are good to go. I also am swooning over these earrings. Hello tassles and large statement earrings, you have my name written all over you. PS they are not heavy either! Winning!

Givenchy: I love my Givenchy makeup! This blush duo has given me all the heart eyes for Spring and Summer. It’s the perfect mix of pink and peach. These two nude lipticks: 5 and 6, are perfect compliment for an everyday look. I am obsessed with number 5!!


Colorscience: Finally a face sunscreen that doens’t break me out! I can apply it over my makeup and repeatedly thoughout the day without messing up my makeup underneath. This is a complete game changer. I haven’t tried the brightener yet, but I am sure it’s as amazing as the sunscreen!

Starbucks Pink Drink (Full outfit HERE): Because I am obsessed and have had way too many this month. If you haven’t tried it, buy one. It’s an acai refresher mixed with coconut milk and strawberries. It’s official name is “The Pink Drink” so don’t feel silly when you order it. My hubby always says it like a question because he thinks I made the name up!  

Let me know what else you would like to see!

These items were sent to me for my review. I will always give you my 100% honest opion on produts. I hope you enjoyed today’s post!


Beauty Spring Style

What my mother DID and DIDN’T give me | Giveaway

I am so thankful for the things my mother gave me, either by genetics or by her choice in raising me. I am sharing about what I am thankful that she DID and DIDN’T give me. 

DRESS c/o | WATCH | BRACELET one, two, three

SKINCARE: Clear Set | Resist MoisturizerNiacinamide Booster | Clearing Treatment

Coupon Codes: 20% Off One Item with code MOMSCHOICE until 5/16
Clear Collection available for $19.95 (reg. $58) 5/15 – 5/21!″ width=”0″ height=”0″ border=”0″ />

My mom is someone I look up to. She is the strongest person I know. From raising 4 kids in ages only 5.5 years apart to driving me all over the place for extracurricular activities and sports. She is a rock star and doesn’t get the credit she deserves. 

I am thankful for what she has given me:

Creative mind
My love for coffee.
Thick hair genes. (yes, my locks came from my mama!)
My health and outlook on life.

That I look just like her.

I am thankful for what she has taught me:

Gentle spirit
How to shop frugally.
Clean….efficiantly and quickly!
Organize (you know the three piles: throw away, keep, and give away)
To shave my legs when I was self-conscious. (This seems strange,
but when you are in 4th grade and everyone calls you monkey
woman, she taught me to shave and to stand up to the bullies because of it).
Doing Makeup
Create lasting friendships.
The love for reading and learning.
A persevering attitude.
The love for people.

I am thankful that she DIDN’T give me:

A difficult childhood. I grew up surrounded by love.
A need for attention, she was always there.


My terrible acne prone skin.

I NEVER had acne in high school or even college, it was when I turned 21-22 that I began to have the skin I have now. I am so thankful I never struggled with this when I was younger, it would have reeked havoc on my self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong, I still have moments where I am ashamed but I now have balance in my life and self-worth that isn’t dependent on my skin. 

Since my skin didn’t come from my mother, I have had to fight this battle semi-blindly. When your mom or dad have experienced something you are experiencing, there is an expertise that comes from it. My mother has had to walk through this with me and help support emotionally as I have tried to find solutions. This has been HUGE for me during this battle. 

About 4 weeks ago, I started to use a new line of skin products. I was hesitant at first because you never know how your skin is going to react but I had already been using a product from this brand so I thought I should at least give it a go.

I have NEVER seen these results in such a short period of time from skincare.

Paula’s Choice has answered my skincare needs. I started using the Clear kit, Niacinamide Booster, Resist Barrier Repair moisturizer, and Clear Clearing Treatment 4 weeks ago (my terrible before pictures on IG stories!). After the first 3 days, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was breaking out so bad, my skin hurt. I sat down next to my mom all teary eyed expressing how badly I wanted to give up on the products. She encouraged me, like she always does, to keep trying. That love and support are what I needed because 4 weeks later my skin has never looked better since my adult acne hit. 

This is the routine I have been using:

ONE: I use my oil and hot water method to take my makeup off. The jojoba oil breaks down the makeup.

TWO: I use THIS cleanser from the kit to wash my face. About 2 times a week I use the Clear cleanser with my Clarisonic to be sure I am still exfoliating.

THREE: Next, I use THIS toner. I started using THIS toner from the kit but it dried out my eczema too much. If you don’t have eczema, this toner would be perfect for you!




FOUR: Then I take THIS moisturizer and drop 3-4 drops of THIS serum in it. I put this all over my face, chin, and neck. This serum is called Niacinamide Booster which helps to reduce pore size, help with anti-aging, and brightens your skin tone! This has been a miracle product for me. You can use it like I do, by mixing it, or you can use it by its self. I’m currently giving one away, enter at the bottom to win!

FIVE: Next, I take THIS spot treatment and treat my entire neck (I have bad cysts under my neck from hormonal imbalances) and small dots on large breakouts.


SIX: In the morning, I cleanse my face with hot water and use THIS moisturizer before I put my makeup on.

I am giving away THIS set of the Clear line along with the Niacinamide Booster serum! Enter the raffelcopter or on Instagram to win! The giveaway will last until Saturday, May 20th at 11:59 pm (PST). I will announce the winner on my blog on May 21st! 

This routine was the shake up my skin needed! I am so happy with the results that I went out and bought more of these products so that I won’t be without.

If you suffer from mild to severe acne, you need to try the Clear line by Paula’s Choice and I am so excited to give you the chance to WIN a set!

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For a Limited time, get the CLEAR Collection for Acne for $19.95 (a $58 value) at!

20% Off One Item With Code MOMSCHOICE! Mom Gets What Mom Wants at

Thank you Paula’s Choice for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make T&P possible.