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What my mother DID and DIDN’T give me | Giveaway

I am so thankful for the things my mother gave me, either by genetics or by her choice in raising me. I am sharing about what I am thankful that she DID and DIDN’T give me. 

DRESS c/o | WATCH | BRACELET one, two, three

SKINCARE: Clear Set | Resist MoisturizerNiacinamide Booster | Clearing Treatment

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My mom is someone I look up to. She is the strongest person I know. From raising 4 kids in ages only 5.5 years apart to driving me all over the place for extracurricular activities and sports. She is a rock star and doesn’t get the credit she deserves. 

I am thankful for what she has given me:

Creative mind
My love for coffee.
Thick hair genes. (yes, my locks came from my mama!)
My health and outlook on life.

That I look just like her.

I am thankful for what she has taught me:

Gentle spirit
How to shop frugally.
Clean….efficiantly and quickly!
Organize (you know the three piles: throw away, keep, and give away)
To shave my legs when I was self-conscious. (This seems strange,
but when you are in 4th grade and everyone calls you monkey
woman, she taught me to shave and to stand up to the bullies because of it).
Doing Makeup
Create lasting friendships.
The love for reading and learning.
A persevering attitude.
The love for people.

I am thankful that she DIDN’T give me:

A difficult childhood. I grew up surrounded by love.
A need for attention, she was always there.


My terrible acne prone skin.

I NEVER had acne in high school or even college, it was when I turned 21-22 that I began to have the skin I have now. I am so thankful I never struggled with this when I was younger, it would have reeked havoc on my self-esteem. Don’t get me wrong, I still have moments where I am ashamed but I now have balance in my life and self-worth that isn’t dependent on my skin. 

Since my skin didn’t come from my mother, I have had to fight this battle semi-blindly. When your mom or dad have experienced something you are experiencing, there is an expertise that comes from it. My mother has had to walk through this with me and help support emotionally as I have tried to find solutions. This has been HUGE for me during this battle. 

About 4 weeks ago, I started to use a new line of skin products. I was hesitant at first because you never know how your skin is going to react but I had already been using a product from this brand so I thought I should at least give it a go.

I have NEVER seen these results in such a short period of time from skincare.

Paula’s Choice has answered my skincare needs. I started using the Clear kit, Niacinamide Booster, Resist Barrier Repair moisturizer, and Clear Clearing Treatment 4 weeks ago (my terrible before pictures on IG stories!). After the first 3 days, I was ready to throw in the towel. I was breaking out so bad, my skin hurt. I sat down next to my mom all teary eyed expressing how badly I wanted to give up on the products. She encouraged me, like she always does, to keep trying. That love and support are what I needed because 4 weeks later my skin has never looked better since my adult acne hit. 

This is the routine I have been using:

ONE: I use my oil and hot water method to take my makeup off. The jojoba oil breaks down the makeup.

TWO: I use THIS cleanser from the kit to wash my face. About 2 times a week I use the Clear cleanser with my Clarisonic to be sure I am still exfoliating.

THREE: Next, I use THIS toner. I started using THIS toner from the kit but it dried out my eczema too much. If you don’t have eczema, this toner would be perfect for you!




FOUR: Then I take THIS moisturizer and drop 3-4 drops of THIS serum in it. I put this all over my face, chin, and neck. This serum is called Niacinamide Booster which helps to reduce pore size, help with anti-aging, and brightens your skin tone! This has been a miracle product for me. You can use it like I do, by mixing it, or you can use it by its self. I’m currently giving one away, enter at the bottom to win!

FIVE: Next, I take THIS spot treatment and treat my entire neck (I have bad cysts under my neck from hormonal imbalances) and small dots on large breakouts.


SIX: In the morning, I cleanse my face with hot water and use THIS moisturizer before I put my makeup on.

I am giving away THIS set of the Clear line along with the Niacinamide Booster serum! Enter the raffelcopter or on Instagram to win! The giveaway will last until Saturday, May 20th at 11:59 pm (PST). I will announce the winner on my blog on May 21st! 

This routine was the shake up my skin needed! I am so happy with the results that I went out and bought more of these products so that I won’t be without.

If you suffer from mild to severe acne, you need to try the Clear line by Paula’s Choice and I am so excited to give you the chance to WIN a set!

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Thank you Paula’s Choice for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make T&P possible.
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At Home Tanning Routine | Cellulite Removal Tip

Summer is coming and my skin is NOT ready yet. Is yours? I am sharing my sunless tanner routine and new cellulite removal tips! 


COVERUP c/o | SWIM TOP | BOTTOMS (the cutest high waist!) | EARRINGS | LIPS (Snob)
BEACH TOTE | HANDBAG c/o | CLARINS c/o | HEADPHONES c/0 (‘topknotsandpearls’ for 20% off) |


This post has two parts, tanning and cellulite removal. First off I will share my new cellulite removal routine! Last summer, I noticed I was starting to get some cellulite on the sides and backs of my thighs. Not a huge deal, please don’t read into it. I know it’s not my favorite thing but definitely not the end of the world. I have, however, found a couple things that have helped remove some of its appearances. 

ONE: I have been using this Clarins Body Fit lotion. I only use it on the parts of my thighs that have the cellulite. I put it on in a circular motion making sure I am activating the blood flow in that area. This is one of the major contributing factors to cellulite, lack of blood flow. 

TWO: I use my tens unit that I use for my back and neck. It’s an electrode machine. I place the pads on the parts of my legs and sit with this one for about 20 minutes 1-2 times a week. I look ridiculous but it’s helping with the blood flow.


When I was 10, I decided it was a great idea to use tanning lotion at my friend’s house during a sleepover. I came home the next morning to go to church and was a streaky Oompa Loompa. My mom had me shower and scrub but the color would not come off! My routine has changed drastically since then but only from learning from my mistakes. 

FIRST: I exfoliate in the shower. Any exfoliant wash or glove works. I exfoliate head to toe. Make sure to really dry your skin before you apply the tan. *I want to try a primer for tanning products but haven’t found one yet. If you know of any, please send me the name!

SECOND: I use only foam tanning products on my body (except hands but I will get to that). I pump 2-3 pumps of THIS tanning product on THIS brush.

THIRD: Starting from my chest, I swirl in circular motions on my skin. I make sure to spread the product around so that there is an even coat. I work fast too so that it doesn’t settle too deep in areas.

FOURTH: Reapply the foam to the brush and then move onto your arms, smoothing out the lines in between. Repeat all over your body. Typically I apply it in this order: chest, left arm, right arm, stomach, thighs, calves, shoulders, back. *Jason helps me with my back.

FIFTH: Next I will take whatever is left on my brush and lightly blend out the lines on my ankles and wrists. I will sweep the brush LIGHTLY over my hands, fingers, tops of feet, and toes. This is to be sure they are not too dark!

SIXTH: Sleep in the tan. The next morning, DO NOT be alarmed. It is very weird seeing the color the next day. If you have any spots the created drastic lines on your ankles or wrist, take a cotton swab with acetone to blend out the line. This is a huge trick of mine because I want it to look as natural as I can.

SEVENTH: Next, apply THIS lotion tan on the tops of your hands, lightly on your fingers (avoid nails), tops of feet, and any spots on your body that didn’t get as dark. Let this sit on your skin for 1-2 hours.

EIGHTH: Rinse off in the shower and PAT dry, do not rub.

I love THIS tan for when I am already tan. It’s a much deeper. They have other colors, I just haven’t bought those ones yet! 

You now have a beautiful sunless tan.

PS you need to invest in cute straw bags this Summer, it’s one of the hottest trends.
THIS one is only $12.99!

 I received this product complimentary from Clarins. All opinions are 100% my own.
I received this product complimentary from Stella and Dot. All opinions are 100% my own.
Beauty Spring Style

What’s In My Handbag | Spring Edition | EOS

Each season brings different necessities in my handbag. This is the Spring edition for weather changing tips and tricks as well as my go-to products in my handbag! 

DRESS c/o | HANDBAG (TJ Maxx!) | HEELS (Dupes for THESE) | BRACELET |


I love hearing about others necessities. That is how I have come to know a lot of these products. I thought I would share with you what I can’t live without in the Spring. The weather is changing and so is our skin as well as our outfits. I can’t live without these products being in my handbag right now, especially these eos products for my dry recovering from Winter skin. 

SUNGLASSES: By far, my favorite pair of sunglasses. They don’t leave that nasty imprint on your nose either. I love the shape and the lightweight feel of them. Plus, they are super slim so they fit in any handbag! 

WALLET: This has been my favorite style since I worked for KS in SoCal. It’s so convenient and fits in anything! I have a rule that if I buy a crossbody bag, it HAS to fit this wallet because this is the smallest wallet I will buy. 

TIDE PEN: A funny thing to NEED in your handbag but seriously, you need it. I live in the color white and I live on coffee. Do you get where I am going with this?! This pen is super slim so it’s easy to fit in a handbag. Plus, it gets out any spot I may have on my outfit. 

BLISTER BLOCKER: Spring is when you bring out all your beautiful strappy heels and sandals but boy oh boy those feet have been living in boots and tennis shoes all Winter. I found this product about 3 years ago and can’t live without it. When you are breaking in new shoes or shoes you haven’t worn since last Summer, put this on the parts the shoes rubs…you will not have blisters. 

eos LOTIONThis is my FAVORITE lotion ever. I love the smell, subtle floral scent but it still goes with all of my perfumes. I have a big jug of it on my nightstand! This little bottle is perfect for any handbag. I have one in my desk at work and in literally every handbag I own. I think this is because I forget where they are and can’t go without it so I buy more! My hands are SO dry in the Winter when the seasons change, I have to help them along the way. 

eos LIP BALM: Just like my hands, my lips are so dry from the Winter. I have to put lip balm on throughout the day, especially over my lipstick. This is by far my favorite. The smell is sweet but not overpowering. I have been using this for close to 10 years. I have one in my nightstand, desk at work and at home, every handbag/laptop bag, medicine cabinet, car, etc. This pink one is the coconut milk flavor and it’s my favorite. I also love the sweet mint one. 

I have purchased both THIS product and THIS product at Target, Wal*Mart, Ulta, Amazon, and Costco!

PHONE CASE: This caseapp case is the best I have ever used. The rubber bumper has saved my phone so many times but I haven’t had to sacrifice a cute case for my phone’s safety. Winning! 

GUM: I was the kid in middle school that hid that I was chewing gum. I was SO excited in high school when it was allowed. All of this to say, I can’t live without gum. The Mentos gum is my favorite right now!

SUNSCREEN: Suncreen is so important, especially for your face. Due to my acne, a lot of sunscreens don’t work for me. I found this one and it has completely changed sunscreen for my face. It has 50 SPF in the powder. The applicator is a brush that can sweep over your makeup or on a clean face when outside. I love that I don’t have to smear it on with my hands and that I can reapply during the day over my makeup without messing it up! It also lasts a long time so don’t let the price scare you. Your skin is worth it. 

SOLE SERUM: I love heels but heels don’t always love me. Especially in the transition time after living in boots for the Winter. I will put this serum on right as I am feeling a slight twinge of pain from my heels. Think of it as Advil for your feet!

BOBBY PINS and HAIR TIES: Wearing my long hair down is not always a good idea. The weather changes so rapidly throughout the day so I need these in my handbag to be sure I can put my hair up if it gets too warm. 

What are some of the items you can’t live without?

Thank you to eos for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.