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1,825 Days of Love, Trials, and Commitment | DIY Card

The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.

Yesterday, Jason and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! Marriage has been made up of 3 prominent themes for me, I chose to share these with Jason in a unique DIY card this year because WORDS are his love language. 

This post was sponsored by American Greetings. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.
The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.
The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.



When I walked down the aisle 5 years ago, I thought I knew what marriage was all about. 5 years later, I am so thankful it wasn’t just what I thought but everything else: love, trials, and commitment. 

LOVE, simple in thought but in action is much more complicated. Love is a choice. At first, it’s easy but as life unfolds it can be more difficult to choose to love each other. One way we have found to help us is to stay connected. It is much easier to choose to love each other when you are emotionally connected. This means lots of date nights and late night talks in a busy life. My favorite is our coffee dates, simple but means the world to me. 

Yes, I am thankful for TRIALS. These trials shape and mold us as spouses. I am not thankful for them while I am experiencing them, but I am grateful for the change in me from them. Without these trials, our marriage wouldn’t have the depth and character it has now. This depth allows me to be able to connect with Jason in the way he needs as a husband and for him to connect with me the way I need as his wife.

With the choice of love, the depth of trials, COMMITMENT comes into play. When we are choosing to love each other and are deepening our relationship through trials and triumphs, we are then choosing a commitment to our marriage. Without love and without the trials, you lose the commitment which then means you lose your marriage. Through these 5 years, we have started to learn the intricacies of each other and what we need. Most of the time, we learn from doing the wrong thing but hey, we are learning! 

I have realized that words are one of Jason’s love languages. I try to express words to him in many ways and avenues, my favorite is through cards. 

The search for the perfect message and image is always fun! Sometimes, I can’t decide and I buy three. Doesn’t hurt to give three cards over three days does it?! Each one says something a little different. Each image expressing a different emotion or mentioning a different memory. I take the time to read each word and connnect each image to what I want it to express to him. This is SO important. Don’t just buy the cute card with the cute image and the cute little saying. Take the time to find the right message.

My all time favorite place to find cards for Jason is the card section in Target. Yes, it’s my favorite store for one but it’s also the largest card selection I have found! What can I say, I like my options! One of my favorite cards I bought him had plastic toy sushi rolls on the front representing our sushi dates. There is literally a beautiful or thoughtful card for everything in this section.

This anniversary I chose this card. Find out why below.
The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.




The sentiment of the words is heartfelt but reminded me of a special memory, our weekly coffee dates. Buying a card is a great start but I take it to the next level by personalizing it.The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.

For our anniversary, I wanted to try scripting Jason’s name and the deepest sentiment of our marriage, I LOVE YOU. I have been practicing my hand lettering so this was so much fun for me!

The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.

I finished it off with a ribbon around the envelope like a gift!

The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.

Then I seal it with a kiss, which is something I continued since the beginning of our relationship! When Jason was in training for the Marines during the beginning of our relationship I sent care packages and letters always sealed with a kiss on them. This is what I still do becuase it’s tradition, plus it’s cheesy and cute, just how I like it!

The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.

Check out American Greetings Pinterest page for more greeting card inspiration HERE

Next time you need a good message and a heartfelt image on a card, head to Target. Maybe pick up a Starbucks from the front of the store so you can read cards and enjoy yourself the whole time. 

The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.
The best womens fashion for summer anniversary, sharing my love in a meaningful card DIY.
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A Broken Heart | Life Update | Coffee & Chat

Are you brokenhearted over being the only one in a different place in life? When all your friends have moved on to having children, moved to another state, moved to other groups of friends, or raising a family. Even in a place later on in life where your friends are becoming grandparents or retiring and you are feeling left behind. I feel your pain…

Trying to find contentment and close friends willing to meet you where you are at is hard. No one ever prepares you for that. In high school, I assumed my best friends would still be that close to me as I grew up. As time passes, I have realized people change, which is still something that is hard for me to grasp. I genuinely love and cherish those friendships even though so much has changed since the beginning.

Whether it’s moving to another state or you’re simply in two different places in life:
friendships should grow and blend with your life.

When you are the one that is in a different place but those around you have moved on to the next step in life, it’s rough! Friends getting married, having children, full-time careers, moving to another state, becoming grandparents, full-time career, etc.

It’s the hardest transition ever and NO ONE talks about it.

It’s a time that leaves you questioning yourself as a person. It has left me feeling alone. A time of isolation. All of these feelings are so real when you are the one in this place. I am here right now and I want to encourage any woman that may be in the same place for one reason or another. It’s a time of transition, it won’t last forever.

This means that at times you may need to grieve the loss of an old friendship. Grieving allows your heart to be able to heal and come to terms with the changes. This doesn’t mean you have lost your friends, it just means your friendships are different now.

To any of my friends that are reading this that have babies or children, know that I love you and your kids! I love spending time with you and your kids! I will sit at your house holding a sleepy baby while we catch up. It’s not a burden but a PRIVELADGE as a friend. This goes for any stage of life and what that brings to a friendship. Activities and the amount of time spent together changes but the depth and connection doesn’t have to.

One thing that remains true for me is knowing that God has a purpose
for my life where I am at right now. 

That purpose isn’t to be in a state of depression over the losses or changes, it’s a purpose to grow and understand Him more. Some of these friendships have been put up on a pedestal of high priority in my life. When they are moved, I have more room for Him in my life where He needs to be.

Do you ever find yourself sacrificing time for your friendships
that you’re aren’t sacrificing for Him

Why it always takes me being broken hearted to be reminded of this, I do not know. All I know is that there is a reason why I am broken hearted and there is a reason why He will use this brokenness to shine through me.

If you are going through a time of brokenness, please connect with me.
I want to pray for all of you that are in this place alongside me.

Athleisure Coffee & Chat Health and Fitness

Did you know this about me? | Coffee & Chat

I haven’t shared a whole lot about me in certain areas of my life and I want to change that. Some of you know the sporty side of me and some of you know the fashion side of me. Here’s to learning more about each other!!! I play….



Tennis!!!! I played all through high school and tried to keep playing it in college, noncompetitively of course. I live a couple blocks from my old high school courts and have started to pick the game up again.

This sport is one you can pick up pretty easily when you haven’t played in a while, you WON’T be where you left off but it’s easy to remember the fundamentals. With picking this back up, I have realized how much fun Jason and I can have. I have forgotten how to have fun with him throughout the crazy schedule. Both working full time and having opposite days off is HARD WORK!

Tasc Performance has an array of options for workout clothes, I love the soft texture of them and how they adapt with movement. You know, it’s not pleasant when your tennis skirt gets stuck in the most obtrusive places. This one stays where it should, thank goodness!!!

The basics of the game so you can enjoy it too:


  • In the court: The court is set up with alleys on each side, this is an out of bounds area or if the ball hits outside of the back line of the court. When playing doubles, the outside lines of the entire court are the boundaries. Confusing, I know!
  • Game: When you serve it’s called love all. The first point won is 15. When you serve you call out, Love 15 or 15 Love depending on if you won that point. The game points continue on with 30,40, Game. If both have 40 points, it’s a deuce. Keep playing until one person wins by two points ahead of the other.
  • Set: 3 Games in a set. The person that wins the set, has to win by 2.
  • Match: The one who wins 2 out of the 3 games is the match winner.


  • Make it easy on yourself if you have never served before by dropping the ball on the ground and hitting it over the net, more or less an underhand serve. See HERE.
  • Overhead serving: see HERE.


  • Just get the ball over the net before it bounces twice!
  • Backhand or forehand, whichever way is easiest for you to receive the ball and send it across the net again. HERE are great tutorials on how to hit backhand and forehand!
At the end of the day, as long as you are having fun, that’s all that matters!

Because tennis makes me have the weirdest faces when I serve….
and I know my toe is over the line…it’s all for the pictures lol!