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Must Have Items for Your Gym Bag | on the go.

My must have items for your gym bag for a healthier you.

I have recently narrowed down the necessary items for my gym bag. One of these items you may not suspect to be in here but I have loved the change!  

When I first starting going to the gym, I had a lot of free time. Now that life has gotten busy, I have had to streamline my habits so that I can get the most benefit in the least amount of time. For example: bringing my gym bag into work so I can change after I get off and head straight to the gym. Anything I can do while multitasking is a huge help.

Taking my health more seriously this year has been a whirlwind. I have tried to figure out what I need to do to help the outside and the inside. It takes time to analyze what you need to help your body function. To help my body function better and my time at the gym the most beneficial I have narrowed my list to these 6 simple items.

What’s in my gym bag:

A water bottle: Water is so important before, during, and after a workout. I like to have a cute water bottle to make me excited to drink my water. Silly but effective.

Protein: I ALWAYS have a blender bottle and protein ready to go after my workout to refuel my body and allow it to recover in the most effective way. 

Hat: Sometimes when you leave the gym, your hair is not so cute. Sometimes you walk into the gym and your hair is not so cute to begin with, on goes that hat. 

Facial Spray: I have a natural tea tree oil spray for my face after I workout. This kills any of the bacteria that is on there from sweating and touching the equipment. 

Gum: After a workout and a protein shake, I need a good flavor in my mouth. Gum is the easiest way!

Supplements: I have added some supplements to my routine that have helped with my sleep, digestion, and overall balance. Among these supplements have been THIS probiotic. It disintegrates in your mouth and can be taken anytime during the day. I have these in my gym bag because I forget to take them in the morning. The Olly Nutrition Quick Melt probiotic stick helps with balancing your digestion, clearer skin, and adding needed nutrients to have balance. THIS probiotic has 10 billion live cultures to help you get healthier. Best part: it has no added sugars, no artificial colors, and are also vegan!

Be sure to get your sample HERE!

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Is Walking truly Exercise?

Walking is the best exercise, especially in these amazing workout headbands and tank.

COAT: The North Face | TANK: c/o LEDBETTER | LEGGINGS: Zella | SHOES: Nike | HEADBANDS: c/o LEDBETTER here and here | LIPS: MAC Snob

I used to be able to get myself to the gym about 6 days a week, I was in the best shape of my life. I thought I had finally found that balance. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There were so many “rules” I told myself I had to follow to get healthy. One of those rules was that walking wasn’t truly exercise. I have since then realized that this “rule” is incredibly wrong.

As I have been facing my anxiety and depression head on, I haven’t allowed myself to get trapped in the gym like I used to. I would use the gym as a fix for my disorders. The gym would temporarily alleviate the pain and the repercussions of my disorders but it wasn’t fixing them.

To try and find a better balance, I have been trying to go on walks. This IS most definitely exercise. It’s one where I can clear my mind and process my emotions. It’s one where I can take Montana (our little beagle) with me and see her joy of being outside. It’s one where I can go with my husband and we can have some time to catch up with each other.

Walking outside and in the gym is great exercise! I used to be an avid runner but realized the toll it was taking on my body and stopped. I will walk on the treadmill with a steep incline and change the speed I am going in intervals. This sometimes feels harder to do than running! It’s a way to help my cardiovascular health while having that all important balance.

LEDBETTER came out with this tank top that is such a beautiful reminder for in the gym and in life. You have to find a balance for work, family, health, and hobbies. Try and find that balance as we approach the new year. No, not as a resolution because I don’t want to be responsible of the let-down when it doesn’t go perfectly…because, well, balance. Set an attainable goal, I have mine written HERE.

GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!! To enter in to win a $ Gift Card to LEDBETTER, leave a comment on this post about a way you create balance in your life! Write ‘Giveaway’ before your comment to be sure you are entered to win! Good Luck!


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10 Ways to Self Care and Why It’s Important.

I first want to say thank you for all your support and kind words on my last blog post. It has meant the world to me that not only am I encouraging with my words but that it is resonating with so many of you. THAT post and this post are near and dear to my heart because they go hand in hand. I hope this brings you some relief in your day and clarity in thought! 


How many days do you sit while your mind rushes around you telling you that you don’t have time to sit? Maybe you have little one’s running around making it obvious you don’t have time to sit? Maybe you are sitting at the office and mentally going down the list of things you need to do at home instead of relaxing when you’re off?


When I was in treatment for my Eating disorder, I learned about self-care for the first time. In our society, we too often get caught up in the speed of life and lose ourselves. We NEED to take the time to take care of ourselves. How are we able to help others if we are not helping ourselves?! Don’t you think you can give more to your work, kids, husband, family, and friends if you are taken care of?


This doesn’t mean a spa day once a week, although that sounds really nice. This means, finding a small amount of time during your week to do the things that fill you up. This looks completely different for each person. I am listing 10 ways that I make sure I am taking care of myself. The time I spend on each of these things are dependent on my schedule for the week, but I always make the time for a little bit of each.

ONE: Take 10 minutes…
Take 10 minutes to check out. Sometimes this will be during your morning cup of coffee when no one is up yet or when everyone is tucked into bed at night. Take 10 minutes to zone out. This may be reading a book for 10 minutes, a magazine for 10 minutes, watching youtube for 10 minutes, or catching up on social media for 10 minutes. The key: keep it to the time limit you put on yourself. We easily get caught up in these things!

TWO: Make time for your hobby.
Don’t lose yourself. Make the time, whether it’s 30 minutes once a week or 30 minutes each day. Before life got busy and we grew up, there were so many activities that we used to fill our time with that filled our hearts! We don’t have all the time that we had before but we can definitely make time for a small activity here and there. For me, this is blogging. It has become a huge part of me but I am able to dedicate time to it. It may be knitting, scrapbooking, drawing, sewing, painting, home decor, etc: for you. Take some time for YOU.

THREE: Paint your nails.
I feel SO much better when my nails are painted. Toes and fingers! I make the time to be sure these are done. Regular nail polish only lasts 3 days on my nails, it will literally flake off. I finally found THIS kit that lasts almost 2 weeks on my nails while doing all my normal activities. I put together a quick video to show you how EASY it is to do! Plus this kit will last you a LONG time!

FOUR: Use a face mask.
My skin has been my worst enemy for the last 5 years. Hormones and stress have shot my skin to destruction. I have since decided at least once a week, to use a face mask. I may be using a face mask as I clean my bathroom but hey, I am using that face mask! Multitasking is an amazing technique.

Here are a few of my favorite: ELF Bubble Mask, Bliss Clay Mask, (expensive but worth it!) THIS one!

FIVE: Use a hair mask.
Pretty much the same thing that goes for my face mask, goes for my hair mask. Your roots will praise you for this. Try THIS mask once a week! I wrote all about it HERE. It feels like a day at the spa without having to leave your house or get out of your pajamas! 

SIX: Clean out the refrigerator night.
Need a break from cooking but don’t want to bust the budget? We do a clean out the refrigerator night where I think of either one meal or a couple (depending on how much leftovers we have) for everyone to eat from that night. You don’t have to cook extra and spend money!

SEVEN: Get a cup of coffee..out of the house.
Again, whatever you have the time for. Wether it’s walking through target with your little ones, or grocery shopping by yourself….get a cup of coffee sweet delight to sip on and treat yourself! That $1 section is calling your name, I know it! 
EIGHT: Talk with a friend.
When life isn’t busy, this can often times happen by going out with your friend. When life is busy, take a couple minutes to text or call each other. Keeping in touch with each other is SO important. You need to be sure you still have your sounding boards and confidants when life gets busy AND when life is easy.

NINE: Shave your legs.
Seems like common sense, but let’s be honest….how many of us don’t take the time to do this as often as we should. Take the time, and do it right! Replace the head of the razor  (THESE are my FAVORITE!) more often and use a nice oil after you shave your leg to moisturize like THIS one. The extra 15 minutes is worth it.

TEN: Exercise.
If it’s once or week or more, take the time to do it. Go on a walk. Go on a jog. Lift some weights at home or the gym. Do an ab workout. Stretch. Do something to lift your endorphins up. You will FEEL so much better physically and mentally. You may even see a difference in the mirror. This is the one that is the most difficult for me, I am getting better at it and feeling all the benefits! I wrote a little about the benefits of exercise HERE.


Take the time for YOU so that you can take the time for the people in your life!