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In a world of Kardashians, BE YOU | Coffee & Chat

Do you ever feel like you have to be “somebody” to be successful or to be seen as a person who is going somewhere in life? We have labeled the term of success by comparing uncomparable people and lives.



Constantly being bombarded by the status quo and what society deems as current is daunting, to say the least. Getting caught up in comparing my place in life to what society says I need to be doing at this point. Truth be told, I am nowhere near what society says I need to be but I am nowhere near where I think I should be either. Life throws curve balls and we have to be able to adjust to them. It hit me, though, why are we so critical of ourselves and each other?

In our world, why are we all trying to be the same person living the same style of life? In my job comparison comes at you like the wind. I’m constantly commenting on how successful one blogger is vs. me, how many more views or “likes” she is getting vs. me, how an outfit looks so much better on her vs. me. This is tearing myself down. Do you have the habit of comparison?

I will get caught up in this and won’t wake up to the fact of my destructive mindset until my husband Jason will bring me back down to solid ground. He reminds me that we all have different purposes and growth. Look for the positives and not the negatives. Bottom line, be true to YOU and only YOU. Especially in my line of work, people want to see the genuine you, the real you. There are too many people that are similar on the outside but never show their heart and what truly makes them stand apart.

This has resonated with me over the past couple weeks. I opened up about it on my IG stories, asking if I should stick to one style for a better flow or keep sharing all my styles that truly make up me. Let’s be honest, I have a multiple personality disorder when it comes to fashion. I love it all in one way or another!

The responses I received from you gals encouraged me to keep sharing it all. The thankfulness that came from you seeing my example and knowing that having multiple styles was ok. To stay true to me was so much better than trying to fit in or be like everyone else. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you. Your messages brought tears to my eyes in a time of uncertainty and brought clarity.

I love polka dots but I also love camo. Stripes give me joy but so do florals. I am obsessed with pink but love green and blue. Red is my jam in the Winter and brightens up the Holidays. I love working out but I also love twirling in frilly dresses. Hiking makes me smile and I even don’t mind a little dirt. I love wearing bold makeup but am also perfectly happy with a simple lip gloss and mascara day.

All of this to say, is that when you struggle thinking you need to be a certain person or have a certain job to be deemed as successful, stop. Be true to who you are and not like anyone else. Success isn’t measured on the things we can see or count. We measure success in our heart and soul. Where is our heart when we are measuring our success?

One of the biggest ways I have started to challenge myself when I struggle with feeling unsuccessful or focusing on where I “should” be in my life, I seek the Lord to calm my spirit and lift me up knowing that I am doing His work and that is where my success lies. If you are doing His work and you’re not living up to societies standards, you are doing an amazing job! What we are using to measure our success will prove to expose the truth which is often the opposite of what we think. Are you measuring with the world as your ruler or the Lord?

In a world full of “successful” people like the Kardashians, be YOU.

The world needs more of YOU and less of them.

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Ways to stay motivated | with no motivation. *GIVEAWAY*

How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation.

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like you are down on your luck, low on energy, or not where you want to be? Me too. Too often I feel like. I am sharing 20 ways to stay motivated with you’re not feeling motivated. 

How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation.


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I can’t be the only one that sometimes loses their drive. Being an entrepreneur is hard sometimes. I am a one woman show (besides my hubby being my photographer once a week). When you have a team to motivate you and encourage you during times of lulls, you are so much more productive. This rings true for stay at home mamas, side hobbies, business owners, retired careers, and so many more. 

I have been an entrepreneur for over 3 years now. Those 3 years haven’t always been roses and cupcakes, although that sounds rather fabulous. There have been days I have thought about throwing in the towel. There have been days I have thought about not taking those pictures. There have been days I have thought about not meeting that deadline. Have I ever done these things? No. I have 20 reasons that have saved me from giving up or staying in a pit of despair about my blog and myself. 

20 Ways to stay Motivated:

  1. Seek support.
  2. Know your “why”. Why you do what you do.
  3. Create a space that inspires you.
  4. Seek new content or surroundings daily.
  5. Take space from projects (or kiddos) for a bit to refresh your mind.
  6.  Keep yourself organized.
  7. Take care of yourself. A healthy body leads to productivity.
  8. If you’re an entrepreneur: dress up your office supplies to bring a fresh look to your day. I dressed up my phone with this customized Caseapp Case and my laptop with this customized Caseapp Skin. This is a huge one for me. I work on my phone and computer all day every day. They were so boring! I love that Caseapp has premade designs or you can create your own. This is a motivation in itself! Mama’s, put a family picture on your phone case!
  9. Refresh your senses with a candle or an essential oil diffused in your home.
  10. Get up and get dressed. Seriously, this one is motivation on my days off.
  11. Plan breaks. Everybody needs a break now and again, hire a babysitter and go out for an hour.
  12. Pamper yourself: within your means. Paint your nails, get your haircut, put on a facial mask.
  13. Write scripture or quotes on your mirror. I do this A LOT! Especially if I am struggling with my appearance. It’s something I learned in my eating disorder treatment.
  14. Put together an inspiration board. This can be a physical board in your room or office, or it can be one on Pinterest. Put things up that motivate you to push through on your side business, being a mom, a friend, a homemaker, career woman, etc.
  15. Spend time with people that encourage you. It may be your co-workers or it may be your best friend. My husband is a huge encouragement for me, along with my mama and my blogging bestie.
  16. Stay Positive. Easier said than done but so so so important!
  17. Invest in others. When you are investing in other people, you get energized in your own life. I love my bible study women because when I leave I know I invested in their lives and they invested in mine.
  18. Coffee! Ok, hear me out. Coffee helps me get out of bed in the morning. Find what helps you swing those legs out of those comfy blankets and start your day.
  19. Set goals. I have a huge list of lofty goals but I also have a daily list of goals that I can get done through my day. There are check boxes next to them any everything. Whatever helps you!
  20. Remember that there will ALWAYS be good days and bad days. It’s OK to have a bad day.

I hope some of these things truly help you. They have helped me so much during the times that I feel like I can’t keep going. If you have found something that has helped you and I haven’t listed it, please share!


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 How to stay motivated when you have no motivation.

How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation. How to stay motivated when you have no motivation.



A Look Back | Life after a miscarriage.

Written in January 2015:

A year ago I experienced an early pregnancy loss. I was only about 7 weeks along when I found out I was pregnant and then the next day I began miscarrying. I didn’t have enough time to completely comprehend the change that was happening before I started to lose the one thing I have looked forward to the most since Jason and I were married. I shared with Jason the loss a few days after it happened.  It took me a few days to be able to put everything into words so I wrote it in a card.  It was an emotional day for Jason and I. It bonded us together as husband and wife which I wouldn’t change for the world. Jason and I decided to keep it between us, knowing that it happened so fast and that we both weren’t prepared to have this, being a fresh loss, so out in the open. As we approached the 1 year anniversary of this loss I have been processing a lot of unexpected emotions. I’ve been reflecting on the last year and everything I have gone through emotionally, grasping for any way to find comfort.

At first, I struggled with knowing it wasn’t the right time for our family to grow but wanting that baby I had lost. I know we would love that baby with all our hearts.  I then started dealing with anger and feeling like I wasn’t justified to be angry. Why did we have to lose this baby?  I can’t remember a time that I DIDN’T want a baby, struggling with knowing I couldn’t have my baby crushed me. Something that helped me get through this time is looking at the baby section of stores. I avoided them with all I had for months. It hurt every time to pass by them and know I didn’t have my baby to shop for. I knew I needed to get through that trigger, I jumped head on. What ended up happening, was I had an overwhelming sense of hope. Hope for the day I will be the one buying little outfits and blankets. Hope for the day I will be the one shopping for maternity clothes. Hope for the day I will be the one bouncing my little one in my arms. Now I am in a place of peace.  I wouldn’t have gotten here without letting myself grieve.  It is a process that is painful but necessary for complete healing. Now that I have allowed myself to grieve I am able to treasure that little babe that is with the Lord and am content in knowing that someday when it’s God’s timing our family will grow. I still struggle with the pain of this loss and always will. That pain will never go away but what has changed is that I am comforted in knowing The Lord has a plan. A beautiful and perfect plan. I wear a gold bar necklace with an “a” on it, symbolizing my sweet Angel Baby. Someday I hope to find a 14k gold one that will last me forever.

This past year I have struggled with keeping this hidden. It has been one of the deepest struggles I have dealt with. Loss of any kind makes an impression on your heart. You are forever changed by that loss, you can make that change a positive or a negative change. Through the Lord’s guidance, this loss has been a positive change for me. I have prayed long and hard about expressing this part of my heart. I pray my story can bring hope to someone who is feeling hopeless.  I pray my story can bring direction to someone who is lost. I pray my story can encourage someone who is discouraged.

One day, all of you will be able to celebrate with us when we grow our family.  It will be one of the happiest times of my life.  A time I feel I will treasure more now than I would have before. For now, I am content being a mama of a little angel baby.

3 Years Later:

Since writing this post, I have found what makes my heart at peace celebrating our Angel Baby. Each anniversary of this day, I buy a single white rose and place it in a vase. This reminds me of the sweet little soul that is in heaven and waiting for me each day. On that day I go and buy a gift for our future babies. This gives me hope for what is to come and peace for what wasn’t meant to be. Sometimes when I find something that gives me joy for our future, I will buy it and place it in our hope box.

These two things help me to get through a day that could be unbearable. I have found such peace in this day and hope. If you have a loss that you struggle having peace through, I encourage you to find what helps you find hope through that anniversary. It will be different then everyone else who has gone through a loss but what is important, is that helps you. 

Since losing out precious babe, I have been able to walk through some hard roads some of my closest friends have had to walk. I wouldn’t have had the compassion and understanding to give them if I hadn’t walked through that journey before. I am hopeful to see the rest of our story come together and to see how God uses this story throughout my life. 

PS These photos are not up to par with what I create now but my mom encouraged me to keep

these ones on this post out of memory during this time.


A story of our miscarriage and how we have found peace and hope during this loss.

A story of our miscarriage and how we have found peace and hope during this loss.