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Life Winter Style

How I plan on saving $1,000 this year.

leopard, new year, cape, paris, classic, modern leopard, new year, cape, paris, classic, modern leopard, new year, cape, paris, classic, modern

leopard, new year, cape, paris, classic, modern

CAPE: c/o Shein | TOP: similar here | JEANS: Nordstrom | HANDBAG: Clare V. |

HEELS: similar here |LIPS: MAC Snob

Saying as I always have a list of items I am penny-pinching away to be able to invest in, I decided I would adapt a savings plan I read on a blog recently. I cannot remember the blog to be able to credit but it gave a great idea about saving a certain amount each month that will actually allow you to invest in something large or to put away for a trip! Here’s to hoping I can stick to this plan!

Month 1: Open a checking account or savings account

you can’t have access to with your other accounts.

Deposit $5 into this account. 

Month 2: Deposit $15

Month 3: Deposit $35

You just saved $55!!!

Month 4: Deposit $100

Repeat for months 5-11!

Month 12: Deposit $145

You now have saved $1,000!

If you are thinking that you don’t have the extra to deposit in this way, I have a list of ideas to help you figure out where you can find the extra to save! 

  1. Sell items you don’t need: Clothes at consignment stores, facebook for sale sites, craigslist, etc.
  2. Turn in pop cans: Take all those cans and bottles back instead of throwing them away! 
  3. Save all your pocket change: Change adds up quickly. Save it all in a jar and deposit it when it gets to be a large number. I did this for 5 years, even though I never spend cash, and saved $250!
  4. Take Surveys: Certain websites pay you to take surveys. My favorites are HERE and HERE.
  5. Cut your budget: Go to coffee and eat out less. Seriously, these two things add up quick!


Saving money is something that I am not very good at. This year I am determined to change my habits and get out of my comfort zone. This means saving more and trying new things. I am getting way more comfortable trying new styles, like this cape. I have surprised myself by enjoying so many more styles by simply getting out of my comfort zone and trying. Try something new this year!

I hope that you try this saving plan along with me! 

Life Winter Style

Hope for a Happy New Year!

Celebrating the new year with One Hope champagne in a silver pleated skirt and cream sweater while walking in the snow.

skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweaterskirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater

skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater
skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater
skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater
skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater
skirt, snow, asos, one hope, champagne, new year, sweater

SEATER: Forever 21 | SKIRT: c/o ASOS | HEELS: similar here (sale!) | EARRINGS: similar here ($15!) | LIPS: MAC Snob | CHAMPAGNE: c/o One Hope

2016 has been a year that I thought would be a little different than how it turned out. The twists and turns of life happen to do that to us. I am thankful the strength I have built in 2016 and am ready to take 2017 with both hands. I want to do so many things differently this next year that my list of fixes could be miles long. I decided to give myself a word to concentrate on this next year, that word is


Looking back at this year, I am filled with awe. Topknots and Pearls has come so far in 12 short months. Through bumps and bruises, it has thrived. This is all thanks to YOU. Every comment, every read post, every like, every email, and every ounce of encouragement you have sent my way: is the reason why Topknots and Pearls is thriving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for me and this hobby turned small business. 

Jason and I have sat back and thought through all the things we have accomplished together for the blog. I seriously could not do what I do without the help of my sweet and encouraging hubby. 98% of the photos you see are taken by him. He isn’t a professional photographer, he is a husband that has learned a trade to make this blog possible! He puts up with my every pose, critique when it’s not needed, and every tear I shed when I get overwhelmed. I am proud to call him my partner in both, business and in life. I feel privileged that he enters into this crazy blogging world with me!

For 2017, I have HOPE for treasured time with my hubby perfecting this blog. I have HOPE for trials that strengthen me mentally. I have HOPE for the encouragement I can bring to you through this blog. I have HOPE for knowledge that I can learn and then in return, share with you here. I have HOPE for goals to be met that will allow me to keep doing what I love. I have HOPE for 2017.

Thank you for all that YOU do for Topknots and Pearls. Happy New Year! 

PS this One Hope Champagne comes in gold and colored glitter. With each bottle sold, they provide 15 meals to a child in need. They support many non-profits with each type of wine sold. 

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My Attainable 2017 Goals.

Twirling this Winter in a black skirted pea coat, floral dress, and glittery tassel earrings.

DRESS: c/o Shein (wearing S but should have worn M) | COAT: Sammy Dress | HEELS: similar here | EARRINGS: Baublebar | CLUTCH: TJ Maxx | LIPS: MAC Snob

New Year’s Eve is always cold in Oregon so wearing a dress is something that involves layers, hence the coat. This dress is $20 and worth every penny! The black background is perfect for an evening party, the flowers make it the perfect statement piece for a New Year celebration. This is a perfect option for something that is fun but not too glam. All these NYE outfits have had me thinking about my goals for 2017. I am not good with resolutions so I try and make a short list of ATTAINABLE goals for myself. I wanted to share these with you to bring encouragement that 2017 will be a great year!

  1. Take my health seriously: This goes much farther than just fitness and a healthy diet. This is tackling the battle within me I haven’t wanted to face. Tackling my hormonal imbalances, migraines, anxiety, and depression. I am taking a very natural approach to this and will share more once I am a little farther into the process.
  2. Organized: I am usually pretty organized. Moving back to OR and being in this transition for much longer than we bargained for, I am bound to get my “transition” organized. Jason and I are in my old room as we are saving to buy our first home. Our space is small so getting it all organized and functional is necessary.
  3. Time for relaxation: Whether it be a massage every couple months, a pedicure, girls day, or a mini night away with Jason: I am making the time.
  4. Blog Planning: At this moment, I am flying by the seat of my pants on the blog. Seriously, I don’t have anything planned more than a couple days ahead. My goal is to work up to having it planned at least 2 weeks in advance. Working less and having more productivity is the goal.
  5. Un-Plug: I have a serious issue with this. I can’t ever unplug or let my mind rest. I am always thinking, planning, communicating. I need to take the time each day to unplug and let myself enjoy the things around me and the people around me.
  6. Value myself: This year I have seen my opinion of myself drop. This is due to me comparing myself to others around me and in my career. I need to see where I am at in life and realize God has a plan for me and my family, I am supposed to be right where I am.

What are some goals that you have this year?