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Jean Jacket Style Guide | Body Type Tips

A jean jacket can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe IF you buy the right one. I am sharing how to find the best fit for you and where to find it on a good deal! 

DRESS (old but similar linked) | JEAN JACKET | WEDGES | EARRINGS | RING | LIPS (Snob)

Buying a jean jacket and not looking like you are straight out of a family magazine from the 90’s is sometimes difficult. It all boils down to the sizing and styling for YOU. For years, I dreaded when my mom would have me wearing a jean jacket over an outfit. This is because it wasn’t the right one for me. Now I know how to style it and find the one meant for me. 

SIZING: This is my #1 tip. Size down one size. When do you ever button up your jean jacket? Never most likely. When you buy it in your typical size, it swallows you. You cannot see your outfit underneath it, all you see is your jacket. Next time you are trying on jean jackets, try one on in your typical size and a size smaller. You will then have a visual of what I am meaning. 

Here I am wearing an XS jean jacket, I typically wear a small or medium in jackets.

WASH: I typically go for a medium to dark wash. I like the contrast with muy lighter colored clothes. This also gives dimension to your outfit and can be used to make you look slimmer. Due to it being a darker wash, your eye naturally looks at the line where the jacket ends and my dress starts because of the contrast in colors. This happens to make you look at the smallest part of my body providing a very flattering look. I’ll talk more about length below!

CUT: Try and find a more tailored cut of jacket, this is always a more flattering shape on anyone. Sizing down a size, also helps with having a more tailored cut. If you are curvy, try one that has a drawstring waist! The length will draw your eye below your widest point and will give you a defined waistline.

LENGTH: If I wear a longer jean jacket then this one, I look stocky which is NOT a good thing. The length of your jacket can make it or break it. If you are Curvy, buy one below your widest point. Straight (like me), buy one at the length of your smallest point (for me it’s my natural waist). Broad Shoulder, find a length that draws your eye to your waist rather than your shoulders providing you with a very slimming silhouette.

If you have any specific questions, please reach out!


A complete style guide on the fit for all body types and ways to style it for you.

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Trends in the Workplace | ONE | Bow Blouse

I have been transitioning my wardrobe into work wear and realized that the trends are sometimes difficult to fluctuate into the workplace. I will be starting to share my outfits that are appropriate for work AND are still trendy. 

BLOUSE c/o | SKIRT (old, but similar here) | HEELS | NECKLACE | HANDBAG | LIPS (Snob)

I am loving detailed sleeves this season, it’s one of the biggest trends! It also happens to be one that is great to wear to work as well! I love my off the shoulder tops with big sleeves so I was so excited to find this one that was work appropriate.

This blouse comes in a couple other colors! I love the blue and white stripes. I am wearing an M/L for a size reference, I like my blouses to fit a little looser and I have broad shoulders. Here are the other options for this blouse!

Pairing this blouse with a skirt is a great idea to dress it up. I went with a more streamlined silhouette since the sleeves were such a statement. This blouse can also be worn with jeans or dress pants!

What is a trend you would like to see styled for the workplace?

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Wearing this White Romper all Summer.

Obsessed with this white romper! I will be wearing it all Summer for so many reasons. Find out why and how to style it below!

ROMPER c/o | SANDALS (major steal this Winter!) | PICNIC BLANKET (ON SALE!) c/o | NECKLACE | BRACELET | HANDBAG | LIPS (Snob)

I know two things: one, I will be wearing this romper all summer and two, I will be having lots of picnics on this blanket! Hello, it’s pink stripes! PS I hate writing stripes because I always want to write stripped but that makes me think of an inappropriate woman so I write stripes even if it’s not grammatically correct lol!

This romper is so comfortable and it’s completely lined so yay for being an appropriate woman vs. the one I was describing above 😉 It’s a lightweight cotton/polyester blend so it’s nice and cool for the summer. The off the shoulder cut is too cute too. 

I wore it with sandals but would wear it with flats, wedges, or my converse and a baseball hat as well!

Investing in a white or black or BOTH colored rompers is a great idea for your wardrobe. Easy

Easy complete outfits you only need to accessorize for! Lifehack #124